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Jamaica impresses on climate change

Jamaica is being praised for making significant strides in raising public awareness about climate-change issues. A United States official has noted that the nation is working in a structured way to put in place the necessary infrastructure to address...

Cop suicide in Manchester

Only days after the Jamaica Constabulary Force lost one of its members to suicide, another policeman is suspected to have taken his own life on Saturday night.Twenty-one-year-old police Constable Virdon-Ron Taylor, who was...



Jamaican students visit the US State Dep't

Seven students from Jamaica were recently given the opportunity to address an audience at the United States Department of State on the biggest security issue facing Jamaica. One would think that they would tell the foreign diplomats...



Waterhouse close in on $1m incentive

Waterhouse closed in on the $1-million incentive for the team with the most points in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) football competition following a hard-fought 1-0 win against relegation-threatened Boys' Town at Collie Smith Complex yesterday....



Garnet Jr finds his own path

Garnet Jr is moving to establish himself as a recording artiste and to not only be viewed as the son of iconic reggae artiste Garnet Silk.According to young Garnet, while he is aiming to continue the work of his father, he also wants to create his own...



Hear the poet speak

To rudely paraphrase the late Rex Nettleford, the quintessential intellectual and man of dance and letters, greater truths are often arrived at via the creative imagination than from hard facts and figures.It is in that context that we welcome last...



Lighting her path

Living your dream is not something that everyone can say that they get to do. Interior Designer Dana Baugh is one of the few that is experiencing this luxury...



Trade blamed for eastern shoot-out

DONETSK, Ukraine:Within hours of an Easter morning shoot-out at a checkpoint manned by pro-Russia insurgents in eastern Ukraine, Russia's foreign ministry issued a statement blaming militant Ukrainian nationalists and Russian state television stations...



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