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High Priority Placed on Internet Security

Published:Friday | February 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
After brilliant performance during Saturdays closing night at the 19th staging of the Jamaica Jazz Festival, former Chicago bandmate Peter Cetera had a brief and welcoming encounter backstage with Columbus Communication Jamaica’s Acting Managing Director Grant Hume.

Following the recent Safer Internet Day which was observed under the theme 'Let's Create a Better Internet Together', Columbus Business Solutions (CBS) has embarked on a mission to promote safe and responsible use of online technology for both personal and business usage.

Romain Lovindeer, technical head for special projects at CBS, said that his organisation is in full support of safer use of the Internet by all.

"Columbus is actively engaged in educating businesses about the many threats and vulnerabilities that the Internet exposes but more importantly CBS is also providing solutions that mitigate them," Lovindeer noted.

To that end, Lovindeer said that CBS has developed a powerful solution that is geared toward ensuring the maximum security for data,

This solution, E-Guard, pro-actively prepares for and attacks risk, reducing it to nearly zero.

According to Lovindeer, E-Guard Managed Services provides the minimum security levels required by modern organisations in order to connect to the Internet.

He explained that "through a single device, which is monitored 24/7 from CBS' Security Operation Centre (SOC), we are able to provide services like Firewall, Intrusion detection, VPN Site to Site, Anti virus, Anti-spam and Content Filtering to enforce security policies that protect the business operations."

For clients wishing to take a more pro-active approach, CBS offers E-Guard Analysis Services, which is a self-managed solution that scans for and assesses vulnerabilities.

"We offer a suite of managed services, specifically on security and data protection, foremost of which is our managed security product," he added.

Lovindeer said CBS has taken its Internet security business a step further by partnering with a white hat hacking firm, "which does a comprehensive assessment or audit of our clients' network and then makes concrete recommendations for additional security".

He emphasised that the technology employed by CBS is top of the line and customers can be assured that they are getting the very best protection available on the market.