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Extra captions

Published:Tuesday | September 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Extra captions

Last Friday, the Colombian Association Cocktail reception hosted a few A-listers to night of great food and good company. SOMETHING EXTRA shares the fiesta with you.

O- Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia- Roberto Garcia Marquez is sandwiched by Acting Registrar of the Department of Co-operatives- Paulette Kirkland (left) and President of the Colombian Association - Luz Escobar.

G- Tristan Alvarado and his wife, Laura Mazabel was spotted at the Colombian Association Cocktail reception, last Friday.

F- From left: Members of the Colombian Associations - Fernay Velasquez and his wife, Liliana shares a photo op with their daughter, Juliana and friend - Yohan Gomez.

B- From left: This quartet- Mayra Lopez, Fernando Ruiz, Nancy Lopez and Dora McGregor-Doig is out in style and was happy to be among other members of the association.