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Great Start Academy honours heroes

Published:Friday | November 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM

As an educational institution, the Great Start Academy is cognisant of the valiant effort that Jamaica's national heroes made to shape this beloved island.

To continue to preserve the legacy, the institution has developed an annual celebration so that children will continue to remember the six heroes and heroine.

On Friday, October 14, staff, students and parents turned out at the school to pay tribute to the heroes. Though a wet morning, it did not put a damper on the day's celebration.

Everyone was decked out in Jamaican colours. A vibrant devotion exercise was held, after which a flag-raising ceremony took place. Students sang the national song and anthem robustly and repeated the national pledge with pride.

There was excitement in the air as students changed into attire representing the heroes and heroine. The vibrant MC (Aunty Mandy) got the audience involved with folk songs such as: Mango time and Long time gal me never see you. She took some time to share with the audience the importance of the day's events. She reminded everyone that the heroes paved the way for our future, hence it is only fair to show appreciation.

Kindergarten One was first to perform; captured the attire of Nanny of the Maroons. Kindergarten Two also showed that they were very much aware of the heroes. Kindergarten Three did their piece on the biography of the heroes. Grades one and two created dub poetry and songs to show just how much they knew about the heroes. All the grades represented and showed great knowledge of what the heroes did, where they lived, how they died, and where they are buried.

The day's events ended at noon with a one-of-a-kind fashion show. Students modeled different ethnic groups' outfits in style. It was a show to remember.