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Nature inspires new jewellery line

Published:Friday | November 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Chris Dehring, CEO of Ready TV, and his wife, Katia (centre), in discussion with Tina Myers Matalon of Restaurants of Jamaica during the recent launch of the jewellery line by Anna Ruth Henriques at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.
Jeweller Anna Ruth Henriques (right) welcomes Shelly Hendrickson (left), and Eroleen Anderson to the launch of her recent jewellry showcase at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Beautiful, classy, inspired and magical are just a few terms to describe her impressive collection. Anna Ruth Henriques is a Jamaican poet, painter and jewellery designer who draws her inspiration from nature, creating pieces each tell a story and empowers the wearer. On Wednesday October 19, Henriques showcased her creations at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston, where she will now retail the items.

The private viewing was held to introduce guests to Henriques' most recent pieces.

"Many persons in Jamaica have enjoyed my pieces over the years, in fact, I have made numerous commissioned pieces, but I think the time has come to formally set up an outlet. The Jamaica Pegasus hotel is the ideal location," Henriques said.

"Symbolism is the underlying motivator in my work. I am driven by the symbol of the spider that represents creativity, independence, self-sufficiency, and resilience, I design for customers who dance to the beat of their own drum and who choose to live harmoniously and connectedly with the world. I believe it is important for things not only to be beautiful, but also to have meaning," she added.

Henriques combines 14-karat gold with intricate hand finishes to put a unique aura energy into each piece. Her natural gemstones are hand-cut and she uses recycled metals. She overlays traditional methods with a contemporary aesthetic, personally hand-painting behind gemstones to create standout pieces that are simultaneously highly wearable. Her first collection was bought instantly by Barneys New York, launching her career in jewellery making.


"My spider jewellery is made to encourage creativity, self-sufficiency and independence, all intrinsic qualities of the actual creatures. My painted 'Eyes of Intuition' pendants are to remind the wearer to trust her own instincts, as in the yogic Third Eye, for protection. My dragonflies are created to act as conduits between the earthly and the spiritual worlds, either grounding or lifting us when we need it. They also serve as memorial jewellery, as dragonflies are said to carry souls from Earth to Heaven. Each piece has a narrative that connects to the individual wearer," Henriques disclosed.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Henriques has resided in France, Spain, England and Japan, each culture contributing to the universality and richness of her work. She recently won a jewellery-design competition that sent her to India to create a collection for an Afghan charity, Future Brilliance.

Her paintings are in the permanent collections of New York's El Museo del Barrio and the Jewish Museum, as well as the National Gallery of Jamaica. She is also an author/illustrator and lives in New York City and Jamaica.