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Published:Sunday | August 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Poem of the week

Summer sights and smells

Behind the hills, the golden glow of the rising sun

Slowly lighting up the sky.

This first light of summer

reveals ripe mangoes

hanging precariously on the tree,

ready to be a meal,

the hibiscus flowers, the roses

and the bougainvillaea

boasting their bright colours.

Then, the summer morning

becomes summer day.

People become more alive

on the beaches, sipping lemonade

and eating fish and festival

in the bikinis they are wearing

when soon, without warning

The summer day becomes a summer night

with the smell of the coffee rose and jasmine,

barbecued and jerk chicken,

all competing.

Summer morning to summer day

and into summer night,

bringing the heat and light

of the tropical summer.

- Emma-June Bell


I remember summer, when the skies

floated lights on the Caribbean Sea, stretching

its thirsty tongues at rocks, bleeding suds.

I remember mornings cut in gold as birds erupted

with your soul.

I remember breadfruit and salted fish breathing

fog heavenward

over glowing wood as approving voices

sighed "Oh man!"

I remember summer against rising sun

on ruptured clouds, and the painted Rooster hailing


I remember home love - freedom and fun, from white

sand beaches to the smoking walls of

Dunn's River Falls.

I remember summer breeze, the stray of sleepy

softness across the light, tickling grasses roses and

bouncing palm trees

gentles shadows, flexing in a vain wrestle.

I remember sunsets on the west, throwing riots of exploded colours over cries of crickets on a painted evening -

I remember dreams overtaken by the mornings smelling of native dishes always, while

the rising blue mountains peaked - yes, yes,

I remember Jamaica.

- Homer Sylvester

Worst-case scenario

It was real

It was happening to me

I denied it

I tried to push it out of my mind

The inconceivable had


It was happening to me!

Maybe if I pretend it would go away

But I'm still here and illness clings to me

Worst-case scenario


This was real.

So what do I do now?

What do you do when life as you know it ceases to exist?

When the patterns and paths you've carved

Become shadowed, darkened, and destroyed?

What do I do?

Alone, there's little comfort

I don't want to do this alone but that's how I feel

I scrape for courage at the

bottom of my soul

Just to show a brave face

But the weight of my tragedy causes courage

to scamper away

What do I do now?

I grip my security.


- Nathalee Scott


When we are cast down

Hurled from side to side

By the happenings of the day

We are battered by the storms of life

Where will we ever get the strength to cope?

to continue, to last?


Things ought to get better

But they only escalate to the worst

The orgasm of sadness, depression, and frustration

No peace, no hope, no joy in any situation

There is a place on the Inside

That no human can reach

It's a place way deep down

Where a reservoir of hope dwells

Strength that defies description erupts

On the Inside

Renewed vigour, confidence to carry on

It's deep on the Inside

Always there

There, waiting for you to tap into a wealth of tenacity

Yes, the Inside, safe from the prying eyes of

unwelcome onlookers

Sheltered from the howling winds of the fray around you

Inside, where no mortal power can reach

Where, peace, yes deep settled peace resides

On the Inside.

- Elloraine Lothian

Weh dat fah

They cleaned it up

The crimson red blood

That oozed then slowly drip

From the bullet-riddled body that laid lifeless on the black tar paved road

That the lumpy blood now caked

A what dat fah, a whey im do so?

Humans don't have nuh rights again?

Mi can't tell mi story

No jail nuh deh bout or dem too full

While so many lawyers are idle

What is the nation about?

Dead man tells no tale, justice denied in every way.

A weh him do so?

Thief a phone, pap off man gold chain fi cash for gold

Thief a food - im hungry

Maybe im nuh pay the extortionist or maybe im see and know too much

And dem already gone wid the gun weh wi hear deh pon every scene

They cleaned up the crimson blood

That once caked on the black paved road

As the water now pinky red flows through the crevasses, over rocks and

seeping into the cold earth

As it flows to mingle with the gutters of life wasted and denied,

A what dat fah - a what im do so?

- Mandege

Polaroid camera

For Rowena Alicia 'Livy' Wilkinson

Through Polaroid camera I remember you Mommy

slide show visuals


of early movies

Thanks Mom

Disney characters

I understand why you told us a 'duppy' story or two

all part of generating a literature buff

signifying a childhood of both fantasy and detailed reading between the lines

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson

Purple Flower

It drives me crazy thinking how yellow the purple flowers are.

How the door is never locked when I want it to be open and being knocked down, is a convenient reason to look up.

And thoughts drift like waves steadied by drunken hands.

So I painted a picture to see whether what my eyes saw was what my soul preached.

That you loving me could only be second to me loving me and I, could never love you the way you have loved me.

So, every time I hear that door cry I'll think it's the child in you saying "Hi!".

That a flower could be whatever colour it wanted to be,

Like how dreams were not pinned, not even to the sky.

Like how it would take more than a night and lie to keep my locked door,


To keep you out of my life.

A flower can be whatever colour it wants be...

But a purple flower is you.

- Deon Morris


Ache, Make, take

Words with similar sounds

but different meanings but all of which

can be connected to the other.

To Make it you first have to take

your opportunities. Believe me this

will not be easy as it may result in

stress and many a ache.

But is it worth it,

the choice is yours to take, to

make despite the ache

Many have tried to make the jump

but fail to take the right precautions

Resulting in bad mistakes and painless aches

- Andrew M. Wilkinson