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Your frame of reference

Published:Sunday | August 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Corine La Font, Contributor

There is something I have been noticing for some time and it seems to be growing each and every day, and here is what it is - DISSATISFACTION!

Dissatisfaction on all levels. Dissatisfaction with the job, the environment at the job, the people at the job, the pay that you receive, the relationship that you're in, the people in your neighbourhood, the friends that you have, the life that you live, not realising goals and dreams - wait! What was that? Dreams? No one has dreams anymore. I wonder why that is?

I remember, as a little girl, having dreams. Dreams to be a teacher, nurse, receptionist, secretary or painter with the best-looking husband in the house of my dreams! Some of you had even better dreams than mine. What happened to them? Who stole them? Why did you give them away? You must have!

More and more people are complaining about their current state of life, but the question is what are you doing or what have you done to change it?

On August 13, I interviewed a guest on my radio show on the topic 'Living Happy Inside and Out'. You can listen to the recording via this link: http://bit.ly/1l7cl3i. In speaking to my guest, Maura, we spoke about frames as she too comes from an art background like me, and her husband was the one who actually gave her the idea to use her creativity on frames to get her ideas across. What a unique way to brand herself, but as we went along with the conversation, I realised that while frames are great to capture memories and stories within a secured and safe structure, it actually limits us to be who we really are and meant to be.

Some of us are living within other people's frames. Never thought about it that way, huh? Ever wondered whose frames you are living in? Maybe your parents, society, employer, church or even your friends? Do you even need a frame in the first place? Who said that every picture or special event has to be framed? Most frames tend to be square or rectangular. Why not a circular frame with no end, no starting or finishing point, or a shape that you design for yourself? What about no frame at all for all of you like myself who cannot be contained or limited or don't wish to be.

Freedom to be oneself

You want to have that freedom to be who you are, express yourself; paint the picture of your life as you desire - you know the kind that likes fluidity, you have no specific shape, you can shape shift to suit your environment as required for you are adaptable and can be flexible. This does not mean breaking any rules, for like I said, on the show, the one thing that I don't mind being in a frame are my standards. They are not to be compromised. However, as it pertains to my personal growth and development, I need no frame for there is no limit to being the best that I can be.

So what is your frame of reference? Do you need a role model to determine that for you or you desire someone to hold your hand and tell you what it should be; that you can be better than who you are now and that you deserve happiness, wealth, joy and all the other perks that come with it? I would hope not. The role models you are looking to already know what their frame of reference is, and it's not you for you cannot do anything for them except follow or like them and want to be like them. Ever thought of having others follow you for once? You didn't think that there could be something within you that someone would want to follow, right? Not true?

People want more out of life to the point that some are brave enough to leave their jobs to pursue their dreams and goals. While it may seem crazy and stupid to others, there are few people out there who are willing to sacrifice, step out of their comfort zone or frame that they have been living in for years without seeing any return to pursue what they believe in. Everyone has eyes, but not everyone has vision. What's the worst that can happen? You go back to being who you were? Even if you do, you never go back to being the same person after taking that leap of faith. Life is short, people. Never doubt that it is within you to be the best that you can be. Don't live within someone else's frame. Determine the shape, colour and size of your own frame, if any, and make that your reality. Want to join me for a FREE live online discussion, sign up at this link to get a personal invitation - http://bit.ly/1Bhmtv1

Corine La Font is a self-publishing, online marketing and virtual events specialist and consultant. She is also an award-winning publishing resource in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards. Get a copy of her book at http://amzn.to/TFHQka and Tune in to her radio programme at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/helpdeskja. She can be reached at corine@helpdeskja.com.