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Published:Sunday | August 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Nature's Love Song

I look up at the stars at night

And I see your smile, so beautiful and so bright.

The wind is soothing and moving at a steady pace

And I am reminded of your touchable skin caressing my face.

The trees whisper, thanking the heavens for keeping the soil moist,

And I hear your melodious, angelic, intoxicating voice.

I see you, I hear you and I feel you everywhere I turn,

You are a vision of beauty and into my soul you have been forever burned

I care not what obstacles stand in my way

Whatever the price I am willing to pay.

So give me the chance and I beg you not to say no

Allow our feelings, and love to blossom like flowers and grow.

- Michael G. Thomas

Dry Weather

Earth, grass, and underbrush

Dry, dry

Like seared yellow sand,

Beyond the ocean's reach.

Yellow acacia, flagrant poinsettia

In violent bloom,

While underneath their shade

Wilt and sicken

Their gentler kin,

Pale leaves curling

Squeezing in agony

The moist dregs from earth's dry veins.

Heat intense, fierce,

Sizzling down a sky

Blue, beautiful

And unrelenting

Like the hard eyes

Of a woman

Bereft of natural tears.

Dark boozed clouds

Like massed hay bundles

Moving sluggishly ...

Will those below

Drink of the overflow

Or will those fat clouds

Move heavily away

Emptying themselves

On fields of verdurous opulence

while below

Flourish famine and withered fields

And women and children

Struggling over dusty country roads

Their pail-trapped heads

Weary beneath

Their precious watery loads ...

- Ruby (Williams) Brown

That's a hard one to swallow

Teacher, yesterday I climbed a coconut tree and slid back down on my head,

Really Tommy, that's a hard one to swallow.

And last night an angel stood beside me and said, 'Don't worry Tommy, you'll never ever be dead.

Really Tommy, that's a hard one to swallow.

And this morning I cut down a mango tree, with my itty-bitty knife.

Really Tommy, that's a hard one to swallow.

Anyway, enough of tales now Tommy, although you seem to lead an interesting life.

But why have you not eaten that rock cake supplied so graciously by my wife?

Because you see, dear teacher, that's a hard one to swallow.

- Errington Johnson

Positioning yourself for God's Best

You try, you fail, then you ask why?

You fast, you pray, you read the scriptures,

but still u see no changes.

You fall down, you get up, but you still feel like you're down.

You try everything but there is still a void to be filled

You feel like there are skeletons in your closet and a monster to be killed

You now want things to get better but then you realise that better is not good enough,

so u decide to get God's best

You now decide to put yourself to the test to receive God's best, but are you in the right position? u ask yourself

Are you in the position to receive God's best?

In the right position, you will be ready to receive God's best

In the right position, you will receive what you need to pass your test

position yourself and you will not only receive God's goods and belongings, but also God's best ... .

- Roshain R. Greensword


Gossip is defined as casual or unconstrained conversation

Reports about other people involving details which are not confirmed as true

there is no abbreviation

rumours spread are most times callous and crude,

lead to alienation

Gossip is also said to be idle talk or just rumours

Especially about the personal or private affairs of others

Spreading dirt or misinformation

Through excited discussions of scandals

Is it obsession, a passion?

I wonder

The word gossip first appeared in Shakespeare

But it's nothing more than idle tattle and wasted air

But what makes it so unfair and a fact

Is that words hurt and can cause unnecessary fear

It is an attack

Words spoken, can't retract

Gossip, it is not a game

It should not be played

When your words hurt and maim

What will you gain?

It can only cause pain

So don't engage in gossip and if you do

You should be ashamed

The best thing to do is refrain

- Charm