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Poetry 1

Published:Sunday | October 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Basil Brown of Seaview Gardens in St Andrew with his dog Ruff, who he said was infected with chik-V and was treated with bissy tea and Panadol.-Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer


Timeline of a virus

Chikungunya , it dung yah

ain't no joke -

it's real!

Chikungunya, it dung yah

so, let me tell you

how I feel.

The first sign, I paid no mind

not a whimper

not a squeal.

Right knee swells exponentially

like blubber

on a seal!

The very next day, still bloating away

even such parts

as are dear to the wife!

Ironic to say, didn't want that one to go away -

might have worked wonders

within my love life.

Chik-V! Lord, have mercy on me!

Guess that cry

is par for the course.

Chik-V, but what's this I see?

My ankles swollen big

like a horse.

Chik-V, my worst enemy

pain, wracking

my every bone.

Accursed virus, won't you leave me alone?

I can't reign anymore

from this throne!

So, you bad like Van-Damme? Well I have a plan -

Miss Dassa give me

the remedy.

So, up, off the floor and through the back door

but … dem already de-leaf

mi pawpaw tree!

Mi still ah try tuff it out; man ah soldier - no scout!

Plus, mi done know

it's all in the brain

Until mi start bawl like gyal, draw fi two Panadol -

Every tooth in my jaws

was in pain!

Enemy of man; fell even the strong -

my eyes, sunken;

skin feeling like chalk!

No appetite, can't eat; so let me try the street -

all and sundry I see doing

the zombie walk!

At least, it seems like it's going, though I have no way of knowing

still sweating buckets

and feeling bitchy.

Still showing some signs, won't pay them much mind;

I'm getting itchy

so, calamine and bissy!

- Kevin-Andrew Moreno Sheriff

It's a funny story - really

Them emailing me to ask where I was on opening day and to respond ASAP

was a sad and pitiful reminder of my failure.

and I began to cry.

Then I had to lie, so I cried about lying.

then I thought about the debt and I went on crying

Then I thought about him

And I cried some more.

Then thought of him and her and I stopped breathing.

Then I began to laugh and cry.

- A.M.


Mr 'Chik' - and 'ungunya', Mr Dreaded Chik-V

With your mistress, 'Ms Aedes', please stay far from me!

With fever and pain, my body you wrack

My toes and my fingers, my head and my back …

I'm so much contorted, I can't even pee!

You're not a nice fellow, Mr Dreaded Chik-V!

No illness I felt, I went for a stroll,

But all of a sudden I felt hot and cold

Then a throb in my hand, a throb in my foot

I didn't know where my body to put …

'Bad feelings' all over - could not even see.

You're not a nice fellow, Mr Dreaded Chik-V.

The minister said, "You're just 35" …

De man mussa joke, the man jussa jive!

For you an' I know at least 65

Was eena de clinic at quarter past five …

The numbers are more - I'm sure you agree

For you are the dreaded Mr Chik-V.

But now you are famous - and each little pain

Evinces the shout of your terrible name.

Some seem even happy you gave them a call

Some claiming one symptom, some claiming them all …

No school, no church, no work - not for me

For I'm stricken, you see, by the dreaded Chik-V!

You've even got medics to now disagree

On which drug is best to treat you, Chick-V.

Some say Panadol - only that drug will do …

While others say 'Brufen' can be useful, too.

Some patients try bissy, fever grass - or bush tea

In an effort to quell you, Mr Dreaded Chik-V.

Your advent has made our whole nation pay

We must take Ms Aedes out of the way!

We know what to do, we just haven't done

Cleaning drains, clearing garbage, I guess, it's not fun …

But we will get it right; one day, you will see

Then, adieu, Mr Dengue; good riddance, Chik-V!

- Ricky Lyme