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Poetry 2

Published:Sunday | October 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Health workers in protective gear remove the body of a woman suspected to have died from the Ebola virus, near the area of Freeport in Monrovia, Liberia, recently. The first case of Ebola diagnosed in the US has been confirmed in a man who recently travelled from Liberia to Dallas, sending chills through the area's West African community whose leaders urged caution to prevent spreading the virus. -Ap

The colour of YOU

He's my Peace, my Smile, my Sigh

My Laughter, my Sunshine, my Joy

He's my Hope, my Sorrow, my Pain

My Hunger, my Thirst, my Shame

He's my Life, my Cloud, my Fame

My Moon, my Star, my Rain

He's my Silence, my Comfort, my Fear

He soothes, he pampers and dries my tears

He's my In, my Out, to have and to hold

My Protector and the Guardian of my Soul

He's Red, he's Brown, he's Purple and Blue

Blameless, Spotless, He's oh so true

These are the clues

to the colour of


- Charm

The outbreak: Ebola

Treatment centres are unable to cope

with the outbreak of the Ebola virus

It is worse than SARS, cholera and taking dope

This has now become oh so serious

People are becoming curious

Flights being cancelled

Thousands dying

Where is God?

Is He watching?

The outbreak spreads from West Africa,

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria

The many deaths vastly underestimate its magnitude

Incubation period from two to 21 days, that's its attitude

It is no respecter of persons -

Children, adults, health workers,

Even doctors are dying, for certain

How can we stop this outbreak from spreading?

Is it to practise good hygiene or just to wash our hands?

As people are dying, we need to understand

Isolating Ebola patients is critical

As the disease spreads, it affects us physically

It is transmitted by our body fluids, such as

Saliva, blood, sweat and urine

This is now a crisis, typical

Therefore, to stop this outbreak

You now need to know the facts and take control

As this Ebola virus is severe and often fatal

and spreads through contact; it's not normal

It is transmitted from wild animal to human

Occurs mostly in remote villages, rainforests

West and Central Africa

Ebola's symptoms include:

Fever, intense weakness and muscle pain,

headache, sore throat, diarrhoea and vomiting

And these are your facts, there is nothing to gain

with more deaths still hovering

As we all pray for God's divine intervention

that this Ebola outbreak will cease or retract

- Charm


Love stays, in spite of the years

like the day star, rising despite days

Love remains in spite of the pain, like

a grieving bird to an empty nest in vain.

It rises in arid doom like a thriving rose without

its roots

It shoots, though bearing no fruits, and slowly

hardens into truth.

Love is, despite times and changing seasons

forever, as the timeless moon - never tires,

it's never a liar. It holds against enduring storms,

like proud-necked waves in ageless blows

like gravity, holding despite time, like fierce wings

lifting without air, love falls by its own flames -

and from its ashes, it rises again.

- Homer Sylvester

Bill ah kill

People, unnu see how di bill dem a run race?

The rent, it tek fus place,

The light bill follow behind,

And the water rate, no bother talk, to pay it

mi ah fi commit a crime,

mi phone, it get turn off 'cause mi cyan

afford anodda dime,

And grocery, dat tap buy lang time.

Gas, mi nuh bodda wid dat

mi use coal and cook mi pot,

it 'cause mi hand dem fi tun black,

But mi nuh worry bout dat,

cus it really stop a gap.

A lot of people a drop,

An' ah nuh by gunshot,

No! Dem nuh get nuh stab or chop,

Nuh Mr Stress gi dem heart attack!

Mi wuk so hard but mi still affi beg,

'Cause everything out deh cost ah arm and ah leg,

sometimes is not only crime and violence

alone ah kill …

Is dem damn UTILITY BILL!

- Ardnas Rednaxela

Faith and hope

When your skies are grey

Don't be dismayed

It's just happiness delayed

Brighter days will come again

Sunshine appears after the rain

Then joy replaces pain

Through it all, you must cope

Have faith, have hope

In challenging times

Difficult and painful moments

Look beyond the woes

Life has its ebbs and flows

Problems arise to test our mettle

Soon the dust will settle

To conquer, fight to hold on

Faith and hope will keep you strong

Worry, unease, confusion, grief

Those times when I have to dig deep

To find the answers I seek

Faith and hope renew my belief

That tomorrow will bring relief

Without them, I'd be lost

They're guiding lights in my darkness

For me, they're angels!

- S. Dionne Phillips

Positioning yourself for God's best

You try, you fail, then you ask why?

You fast, you pray, you read the scriptures,

but still you see no changes.

You fall down, you get up, but you still feel like you're down.

You try everything, but there is still a void to be filled

You feel like there are skeletons in your closet and a monster to be killed

You now want things to get better, but then you realise that better is not good enough,

so you decide to get God's best

You now decide to put yourself to the test to receive God's best, but "Am I in the right position?" you ask yourself

Are you in the position to receive God's best?

In the right position, you will be ready to receive God's best

In the right position, you will receive what you need to pass your test

Position yourself and you will not only receive God's goods and belongings but also God's best …

- Roshain R. Greensword

Her touch through the phone

I'm here in this night trying,

Trying to figure out if what we had was real.

I'm here tonight wondering,

Wondering if the feelings that I used to have for you was surreal.

The effortless connection we had,

The playful moments we shared,

And all this was done while we were miles apart.

I'm here thinking, thinking how hard we used to laugh,

At the silly things of the past.

You were my pictorial doll, you defined the 'I' in my inspiration,

You were the 'D' in my determination.

That was my thought, my silly imagination,

Not knowing you would run away from me one day.

I told you how disappointed I was, how mad I was,

Because you were saying it wasn't when it was,

And it was when truly it wasn't.

But I have hopped over the hurdles of the shattered past,

And have encouraged myself that you are a better woman today,

A woman who will last.

We touched through the phone.

You painted a picture of what love should look like,

Invisibly you touched me with the feelings of what love should feel like.

You offered me a drink of what love should taste like,

While blowing the aroma of your love smell, it was like a love spell.

You spoke with such surety,

It echoed a love sound, Chanette, you had me spellbound.

I know it may seem cheesy, because it's just a memory.

I'm uncertain if it was really love,

But I'm sure that I immensely liked you.

I saw you as a little princess in my fairy-tale world,

With tiny hands, in my eyes, you were the perfect girl.

You're not Usain Bolt, but you broke the 'beautiful girl record',

When I thought we were, while smiling I whispered, "Thank you, Lord."

You touched me through the phone,

With hands operating wirelessly you caressed me.

Stop me before the relationship police arrest me.

I promised to write for and to you, but really I just want to hold you,

And touch you - not illegally, just gently and carefully.

To actualise my once-upon-a-time imagination

Of you and I like Alice in wonderland.

I'm happy that you were born, and I know I'm not the only one.

Not sure if our experience was real, or it was my imagination,

No doubt it was a good presentation.

A great lady you are and one day a great mom - to be.

Not for a show, but to be a great example wherever you go.

- Daron Chosen Smith

Be patient

With time, in time, there will be a ray of sunshine

Don't give up or give in, there is a coming win

When the pressure of patiently waiting turns to victory

Celebration will greet you with the smiling trophy

The trophy will speak to you and say, "I am so happy to be in your hand …

"It was hard and almost impossible to endure but here I am."

Now with tear-filled eyes you look to the sky but cannot utter a word

The humility of victory after pain and suffering gives you wings like birds

So fly, go to places you've never been; meet the world, greet kings

Greet presidents, change your residence, live life, and get married

Be a husband, be a wife, have kids, and give, not to mention drink porridge

Eat sausage, eat eggs, keep a level head, and if you're a vegetarian

Eat up this vegan inspiration that is as green as a forest, can you see the trees?

And live for others as you live for yourself, God did make you blessed indeed.

- Czedale Smallwood