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Portland gallery to host art and craft show

Published:Sunday | October 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Winston Hill's Rio Grande Valley in acrylic on canvas.
Portland is known for its yellow-heart breadfruits, among other things. Gregory Barrant puts two into the fire with other popular food in acrylic on canvas
Winston Hill makes the Blue Lagoon look very inviting.-PHOTOS BY Paul H. Williams
Hopeton Cargill, head of the Portland Art Gallery in Port Antonio, says,

Paul H. Williams, Contributor

The eastern parish of Portland is replete with picturesque vistas, many of which have been captured by cameras over the years. It is also a parish of talented artists and artisans, who have been producing fine pieces over the years.

On Sunday, October 19, their talent and creativity will be on show as the Portland Art Gallery hosts a Fine Art & Cultural Craft Exhibition from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. It will be at Cajanas Cafe, West Street, Port Antonio.

This showcase of art and craft is mainly the idea of artist Mark Bell, one of the coordinators of the Portland Art Gallery. "To let the rest of Jamaica know there is great talent from Portland in the art world, apart from Ken Spencer, Phillip Henry, Herbie Rose, etc, and to help young artists share their talent with not only Jamaica, but the rest of the world," he said.

Some of the artists whose work will be on show are Mark Bell, Hopeton Cargill, Clive Passley, Winston Hill, Phine Line, Gregory Barrant, Gregory Lewis, Zachariah Ireland, Shawn Reid, Phillip Henry, Mark Amore, Marguerite Gauron, Karen Carter, Shelene Dawkins, Ken Spencer Jr. Also showcasing their work will be graphic designer Khalid Johnson photographer Kenton Wilson, ceramicist Wazari Johnson, and basket weaver Everan White.

When Arts & Education visited the gallery earlier this year, there were many eye-catching pieces of artwork on the walls depicting scenes from Portland landscapes. The gallery also has a studio/workshop, and is a place where youths are apprenticed to experienced artists. The show on October 19 will feature some of the upcoming artists such as Christoff Hamilton, Davion Thompson and Shania Thompson.

In addition to providing a platform for the sale of their work, "I'm expecting more exposure for Portland young artists, and also for us, the artists from Portland Art Gallery," Bell, who may be contacted at, told Arts & Education.