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POEM OF THE WEEK - Revenge of the Virus

Published:Sunday | October 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Sharon Ford, a Seaview Gardens resident, tries to comfort her granddaughter, Jayda Williams, who missed school recently because of chikungunya. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer
  • Revenge of the Virus

Said the virus to his friend,

"Man continues to offend,

Should he get a little break,

Even if for goodness sake?

Though he makes such empty boast,

He is still our favourite host,

Tries his best to immunise,

But he does not realise,

We are here to share his world,

Nagging every boy and girl.

What he seems to hate a lot,

Is our trick that makes him hot,

Wrapped in sheets, crying for pain,

As we taunt his little brain,

When he bombs his fellow man,

He will not upset our plan,

Bet your life, we will survive,

We were here when he arrived,

Small and tiny, brave and strong,

We are here to right his wrong.

AIDS I hear he fears the most,

Turning many into ghost,

Now the swine have joined the crew,

Spreading fast that dreaded flu,

Why he's such a vicious brute,

No one seems to know the truth,

With his tools he conquers space,

Kills his brother in great haste,

He should learn to get along,

Like us VIRUSES have done.

- Adam McIntyre

  • Chikungunya

Chikungunya, chikungunya, chikungunya, some call you 'chickengunman', and others call you 'chikungonorrhoea'.

I called you with a passion in my heart because you remind me so much of the ancient and mysterious plague of Egypt.

Chikungunya flying over gates and walls, even over zinc fences and halls, waiting behind every doors and windows, keyhole and all. Chikungunya leaves nothing or no one unnoticed.

Chikungunya says, "If I don't sting you today, I will Tomorrow. No matter how smart or foolish, tall or short, fat or slim, important or unimportant you are. I will touch all your joints and throughout you all down."

Chikungunya called to the inhabitants of the land. See I make your old older, your young men and women, girls and boys old and also the strong weak. I am even slicker than poison ivy giving fever and pain at the same time.

Hear what I say, chikungunya. I am not giving you the praise because I know If we all humble ourselves and pray and seek God's face, he will hear from heaven and heal our land. God will call the north and south winds to blow chikungunya out of our land

- M.Thompson