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Experience 'Creative Edge'

Published:Sunday | November 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Another piece in the series 'Emancipation' by Kesi Mortley at Creative Edge Exhibition.
'Emancipation', a sculpture in the series by Kesi Mortley.
Lupita Nyong'o captured by Garfield Morgan on packing board at Creative Edge Exhibition.
Character from Pan Chicken Dash by Working Enigma at Creative Edge Exhibition.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions," once said Albert Einstein, and this flight of imagination was framed, bottled, animated and sculpted at the Creative Edge Exhibition Series, at the Centre for the Arts (CFA), University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica.

The exhibition was a coming together of artists, some established, others young, who expressed themselves in various media and showcased their works to the world.

"The idea behind this initiative," informed Janice Lindsay, arts and culture director at UTech, "is to encourage those with a creative mindset to come and exhibit their works."

With creativity being the focal point, some of the exhibits moved beyond the realm of the common, to be viewed and savoured with a wide-angled imagination.

A range of bottled condiments
neatly stacked on a table tells the story of 19-year-old Mahalia
Gordon's entrepreneurial journey. Owner of MahGord, she produces
all-natural seasoning made from locally grown traditional farm produce.
There is nothing designer or flashy about seasonings, one might say.
Well, they can become an orchestra of flavour on the palate and, in
Gordon's case, the ingredients and their heady mix produce the whiff of
creative element.

"The development of Mahalia's
seasoning is a manifestation of her passion for culinary arts," Lindsay
said. "The concept is 'From Farm to Table', which allows the ingredients
and her creativity to speak for themselves."

(MahGord) is an example of blending culinary arts with the traditional
art forms, Lindsay said, adding that CFA will look into more such
confluences in the future.

A chicken is seen zipping
across the screen of an LCD TV in a bid to escape being slow roasted and
ending up as dinner on a plate. Created by a techie quartet, Jnelle
Blackwood, Rickardo Hyde, Kadeem Heywood, and Stephan Smith, who form
the Working Enigma, Pan Chicken Dash is a game that was created for the
Digital Jam 3.0 competition.

The visitors could try
their hands on the gaming console to try and help the chicken to collect
the hidden eggs before the time runs out on it.

is a big hit among the younger crowd, and lends interactivity to the
process," UTech's arts and culture director

The mixed-media abstracts by Dwight Dawkins
weave a web of intrigue, the twisted vine-like creations that manifest
into forms that are left to the visitors to interpret, while Lupita
Nyong'o is captured in a three-dimensional portrait, created out of
contoured packing cardboard, by Garfield Morgan.

Mortley, on the other hand, captured the horrors of slavery in two busts
that seem to cry out for freedom in the creation

"There is a critical role for
universities in facilitating the development of the creative industries
in Jamaica and the Caribbean," Lindsay said.

CFA, she
said, is looking to expand beyond traditional visual arts and fashion
design - to include culinary arts, animation, cosmetic production,
woodcraft and music composition - with efforts to broaden its reach into
the creative arts.

The Creative Edge journey, which
concludes November 21, passes through numerous pro-lific artistic
genres. According to Lindsay, this initiative will seek to provide a
marketing platform and exhibition space for creative-arts

Ernest Hemingway describes the value of
a voyage, which could encapsulate the Creative Edge experience: It is
good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that
matters, in the


Photos by Amitabh Sharma