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For Things to Change, YOU need to Change!

Published:Sunday | November 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Corine La Font, Contributor

A simple, yet powerful statement by a man that a
long time ago mentored me. His name was Jim Rohn. One of the greatest
and highly inspirational, motivational speakers of all time. He has
passed on now, but his words live forever and bear no time constraints. I
think it is even more pertinent now, given the times we live in and all
the 'stinking thinking', as he calls it, permeates our lives and

What is 'stinking thinking', you ask? It is one of the wickedest viruses you can ever come into contact with; worse than the chik-V and Ebola! It causes a hardening of the attitude, says Zig Ziglar, another Hall of Famer in the motivational speaking industry.

Stinking thinking has been around since man existed. It takes the form of 'you can't', 'you won't amount to anything', 'that doesn't make sense', 'it won't work', 'it's a scam', and varied other forms; all with the intention to prevent you from stepping out and becoming who you are meant to be. Look at the persons telling you these stinking thinking words. Are they any better off? They live next to you, work with you, live with you, or are in the club drinking with you. If you hang around nine broke people, you will be the 10th, and that's a fact! Unless you make the decision to change something.

You see, for things to change, YOU need to change. You can point fingers at the Government, your neighbour, the teacher from primary school, heck, even your parents! No matter how many times you point your fingers to blame everyone else for where you are, the full responsibility for your destiny and success rests solely upon YOU!

It is said that if you keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results, then you must be crazy or an idiot. If you want a different result, something needs to change. It can be taking a different road to get to a destination, eating differently to lose weight and be healthy, or leaving a job and becoming an entrepreneur to provide you the flexibility you need.

Many of the things we are told in life, we have taken them on as a cloak of reality and we live them out in our lives; so much so that when we do see others who have taken the red pill like Neo in The Matrix and become free, it is hard for us to become unplugged from the illusions we came to accept as our reality. I know it is hard, but the first move is to decide you want better and to be open. Be open to listening and trying new things. New things will make you uncomfortable like when you buy a new shoe and it hurts your foot and even gives you bunions, but after a while, it becomes the most comfortable thing to wear, you don't even want to put it down. Think of life that way and think if you were to continue doing what you are doing now for the next two to five years, where would you be?

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