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Published:Sunday | November 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

You don’t know me

I am a tower of strength

Though you may never know

I smile when I am hurt

It’s easy to fake, the hurt won’t show

I hold grief on my shoulders, like the hump on a camel’s back

I watch the world cry, I want to act

You may think you know me

but you don’t

My pain is as heavy as rocks

Though I carry them in a sack

My heart is not void of love

I act tough, but I’m harmless as a dove

My words of inspiration pours like a fountain

I stand over my detractors, tall like a mountain

You may think you know me

but you don’t

Don’t think my weakness lies in giving up

My faith, my strength, my abilities

make me humble enough

My will and drive to succeed

cannot be measured in a cup

I’m more than just success

I have values, turned up

You may think you know me

but you don’t

– Charm

Everday heroes and beyond

Heroes near and far dead or alive

Doesn’t matter who you are,

We have among us daily heroes,

Persons who have played immensely important roles in others people’s life,

They are all over our streets the everyday persons we meet.

Most heroes unfortunately are unrecognised

But it doesn’t change the impact they have made,

We have learnt about well known heroes,

They are all dead,

For civility a lot of revolutionary changes they have led,

Their own individual contributions to the country

And the world still lepidote in our memories

And the fruits of there Labour hangs over our heads.

Heroes has the right to dream,

That right was executed by Martin Luther King Jr,

Heroes are not hand picked or quarrentine,

It was just that extra that they had inside

And was willing to give it during their time of living,

They leaped not considering that the water is wide or deep,

Their focus was always on what they seek.

The fight against all levels of discrimination,

Intimidation and for liberation was fought by great men and women of all times,

So we could be free people of all races and kind,

Now we are vested with the chance to be our own positive heroes,

Creating the hope for tomorrow.

– Emil Simms

Jamaica – on a mission

Jamaica is on a mission,

But where is it going? That’s my critical question.

Can I take a look, at the manual, Jamaica’s navigation book?

Let me take that book, spinning through the past

Let me see the riches we had, that the destroyer took.

Jamaica - on a mission,

uphill, downhill or ‘clownville’, what’s our next decision?

Brain storm, pop quiz, leaders tell me what it is.

Repent, ye backsliding dollar bill! Taxes punching me – headache starts,

Excuse me let me take a pill.

Jamaica – on a mission,

Sista P what is that mission? It’s swirling.

“Can’t talk to you Daron, right now I’m working, working, working”.

Working hands without paying,

Barking guns, they’re still scaring.

Where are the JOBS?

Should I look inside the JEEP?

I’ve been looking but with my unemployed eyes cannot SEE.

Tell me about the IMF deal.

Is it working for us, I mean for real?

Jamaica – on a mission

Government found guilty, now what’s their appeal?

Out countrymen ceaselessly crying Jesus take this wheel!

Like an obstinate child put inflation on time out.

Like a disease, let employment breakout.

Students leaving home for university,

graduate then come back home, it’s a pity.

Jamaica – on a mission

Beautiful trees and white sandy beaches,

Black skin, brown face and she that bleaches.

Jamaica – on a mission

Junior and senior school challenge quiz is happening,

Our intelligent students tackling questions, they’re still sparkling.

Our toddlers are bodacious and brave, don’t you see?

Jamaica have them spelling to the ‘Buzzing Bee’,

Yellow buses taking them from Spanish Town to Half Way Tree.

Jamaica – on a mission

Not sure of its direction, but we ask God to lead us with His mighty hand,

To prosper Jamaica our small, but champion island.

This is Jamaica’s, Jamaica’s ultimate vision.

– Daron Chosen Smith


Judas itself

must lie

among the beloved

like wasps

pretending to be bees


without honey

Judas itself

must allow us to change

to be the best we can


they die after they sting

they die

they must

Let Judas itself

once a self

no longer even be a sting!

– Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson