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Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 11:35 PM


Lenmi, the White,

from the Little kingdom;

did harbour dreams

of foreign income.

This experience, he proclaimed,

will be such fun;

but still the tourists

would not come!

Tourists' minds

can be so fickle;

thus, Outameni

turns Eenalikkle!

Ergo, Lenmi

did conceive a plan;

and spake unto Doogie

of the Eastern clan -

"Wouldst thou deign

to lend a hand,

and purchase from me

this useless land?"

Henceforth, contributors'

goose shall be pickled -

now Outameni

turns Eenalikkle!

Then came Yardley

down from high,

with sensational news

from his vaunted spy.

"Untruths!" Aneiko

and Lenmi would cry:

and Sheepbert, the Brown,

said "Just like Eli!!

Hush your mouth,

you only speak drivel!

Outameni has already

turned Eenalikkle!"

That got Lardy Urn

so very incensed,

Dani Boy put on his boots,

and hopped off the fence.

With vitriol and bile

they inquired from whence

shall the taxpayers' Fund

gain recompense.

But , while Rome burns

Cleo Porsche doth fiddle.

Outameni hath already

turned Eenalikkle!

- Kevin-Andrew Moreno Sheriff


'Mi ketch di ting'

Itch, itch, itch, scratch, scratch, scratch!

Next ting mi know, mi cover inna rash!

But a wha dis pon mi tho Fahda?

No tell mi sey mi ketch chickengunya?

Trying hard to get out a di bed

every muscle hurts, it caan get worse.

But kiss mi teet, it mus be a curse

Smaddy fill mi bed slippaz wid lead!

Mi foot dem heavy, dem heavy so tell

an one bag a pin deh inna di stair well!

Woiee! Mi foot, mi ankle, mi elbow, mi knee!

Mi shoulda, mi han wriss, have mercy pon me!

Mercy pon yu ? Yu no si nutten yet!

Stap! Den a wye yu so wet?

Yu get dere too late wen yu waan weewinate?

Well mi glad yu neva did waan deficate!

So, missa minista yu sey yu waan fi ketch it?

Yu gwine ongly live fi rigret it!

Mi tek mi panadal,anti-viral an vitamin c

but ef yu eva si wha happen to me,

Yu wooda tink twice before yu pray fi get e!

Mi sey mi kin cratchy cratchy an fava dawg wid miange

di medicine dem seem fi mek likkle chiange

so ef yu know wha mi know, an mi know everyting,

shet yu mout an pray sey yu no ketch di ting!

(It no pretty! Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!)

- Dr Jay




Keep your lowercase argument

you talk about the "wreck"

But you don't see the beautiful, the SHIP



Sails strong

Strong not seaworn

good thing me have New Zealand Anchor

on my portside

u love to emphasise

the "wreck"

the "wrecked'

that u caused

instigated, contrieved

it amazes u

that the ship

still stands

whether sailing or

decked on shore

u is just one letter I want to forget

it matters not that u is a vowel

nothing as boasty

as me superstructure


what i have been through

I deserve to be a national monument

couple CD,OJ,OD,OM that kind of ranking

just wrap Badges of Honours for Gallantry

on my bow

by right, the wrongs would make nothing

left of me, not a breath


the "wreck" is a

minor thing

an appendage

some double-barrell nonsense I picked up along the way

like a woman with an

added name after marriage

does it make her a

worst person?

I guess not

SHIP is the

original clause

that matters

not divorce nor any other

kind of derailment

look at mi stern!

yes, for is u name wreck

but Me name... SHIP

"All hands on deck... All aboard!"

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson



Slavery, from whence I came

I was chained

With no thoughts of my own because I belonged to a Master

I was controlled

The shackles that bind me, could not be freed

Because they were meant to enslave me

I defy their ideologies of freedom, fraternity and equality

They said my rebellious nature posed serious threat to my social stability

But how could that be?

When I'm chained and not free

I ploughed and reaped the land

I planted rice, sugar cane and yam

They reaped the profits from the sweat of my brow

and the work of my hands

I toiled in the sun, sick, hungry and burned

While my Master's Kids ate well

Went to school and learned

to continue the trade to chain and enslave

Yet, for freedom I craved,

I yearned


In 1833 I became emancipated and free

No longer bound by the chains that bind me

I was stimulated to freedom by the development of the very wealth

My labour had created

It was not just my emancipation

but amelioration

Not just a revolution

But my evolution

My fury now tamed

Let freedom reign

Thank God

I am no longer chained

Charmaine Wallace


Broken dream

I am dreaming of home,

the eastern yoke unfolding its yellow lids

to the flames of rejoicing hills,

I am dreaming of

a slow and embracing ambiance

floating across breakfast tables

with goodness to the last dish,

of a morning, breathing lavish air

over the winking jewels

of happy dewdrops - of the pregnant richness ,

of sleek necked palms in airy waltz,

of days erupting with the joys of painted birds in mad glee.

I am dreaming of peace,

rising softly from the east

on faces lit with fondled ease - a swollen

moon, tangled on nodding branches

'til they shake, and love grows - of our crowing alarm clocks

flapping their proud wings to the fierce blue

I am dreaming of liquid rocks

pouring wrinkles of watery suds

between splintering light buds -

I am dreaming

of a native land earthy to its core,

til the train stops,

I wake, cold, snow and ice.

- Homer Sylvester