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Published:Sunday | December 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM


not a popular body tag in these here parts

stallion of a man

Times change

but change Time?

When you are black, you lie flat on your back

it used to be when you were "brown"

they would ask you to stick around...

Well...water? .. air? FLY? Why? its only a fly, stick to the evil you know of ...

Well... "In everything give thanks"..

Black everyday, every year, every century,

time repeats

don't MAR the season, drop a coin in the TIN

..though things thin..

"Smile a while, give your face a rest"

but not just your face but all of you...

....just perhaps? maybe in this one instance?

bypass those cigars for cannabis sativa?....

however, outcome likely to be the same

Well,... "In Everything give thanks"

.. the speakers at the podium

look strangely familiar......

is this a flashback or a hot flash

is this a not so SECRET, secret....?

our lines continue

this is not how we demonstrate

"I have a dream"

I live a nightmare

that the" dream" is just that - "a dream"

"I've been to the mountaintop"

but the valley don't look so good

fire red burns orange, once yellow blood

becomes black coal for


not warming up at all

white frost

- Helen-Ann

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Africa, the word, the loudness and the roar

not for Lions, leopards or tigers

but Ebola

a continent turning and prospects chilling,

one, two, three, and counting

Africa rises not with the soothing sun

but with gathering clouds -

the battle line drawn while we take cover -

England, Russia and America

Africa the continent more deadly than the Cobra,

more fearful than its forests it aims,

marking us sick,

sending fever chills and rashes -

despite alarm another victim another life another void -

despite fears its here,

despite screening,

one by one by one humanity falls,

like lambs to the slaughter gathering souls,

we stir outnumbered, despite arms, Ebola

- Homer Sylvester

One careless girl through this island flit

Dancing and prancing she flirts about

The eastern end was her port

Our men she chose ... and without a doubt she had them fell,

Ankles and knees she did swell

Backs she bent and heads did tell ...

of her stamp upon skins where they itched for her

A wanton girl she be ... ,

for with our women she sought a fling!

And she did consort

Where cries abound in many a house.

Elbows and wrists she did kiss

With lymphs and waist she did a twist.

Walking became a game of hit or miss and the ground a target you could hit.

For weeks she twirled, even hit and miss

Making a few to be "a chick wanna be."

And with bated breath the question they asked-

Is this my day with Miss Chik?

To old folks and children she was not kind,

For joints she conned and held hostage digits and tips.

This girl a true symbol of sorrow and woe,

For none was left with feelings of glow.

A rise in temperatures made us jealously defend ...

a pack of Panadol,

two Tylenol would do.

For the ache and the pain she did inflick

A-deses of E-gypti the enemy of all.

Her task not yet done in her ravage of the east

but a-waltzing she goes in the north and the south.

With a bet I know she'll dart for the west!

Though with a few she has yet to consort

her wanton some day she hopes to engorge.

I as a victim would hope she could die

for I have been hit by this chik of a v_ who

Whistles at men and embraces women too, cuddles our children while tempting the grans.

This Chik with a gun has made us bend,

Insane careless Chik; V-ictor she be!

- Patricia A. Rodney

Arrest hatred the root of inflicting wounds

Cut away the needless pain from society

Sentence violence with the death penalty

From the Gaza down to the Gully

Extract the vicious teeth of onslaught

from the inflammable gums of our youth

The gun called murder - lay it to rest

The knife of revenge - put it down and give love your best

The 'badman' mentality from the shores of Jamaica - push it away

Let us take the prescribe medicine that was

once given by Bob Marley the Legend

One love, one heart, let's get together and feel all right

Stop the wars it's time to heal the scars

Before restoration, eradicate the bug of degradation

Before raising your evil hand

Think about Jamaica our little island

Restorative Justice, let this be our new practice

If your illegal skillful hands swept through

Ms Chin's shop, the time has come for you to stop

Where is her generator? Go find it and bring it back

Communities are practising mathematics

But division is all they do

What about subtraction?

Subtracting the pain, the hurt, the guilty shame

- Daron Chosen Smith

Life is so amazing

I go to the moon and the stars above with you,

Let's take full control 100 per cent

Max every payroll,

We have King's house here, get me a vintage Rolls Royce here,

We are royalties here; our every word is royalty,

Mothers, fathers take control,

Sisters see the birth controls

You're all Queens with dreams, and goals,

Brothers, let love, peace and respect take control,

Ballin outa control, not necessary

We visionaries not adversaries,

JA, Let roots reggae, poetry and lovers rock

Take control, we got infinite goals,

We royals here, no one must go a next day poor,

Of wealth or love,

A jewel, pure from God hands we are,

Let's take 100 per cent control

Let's keep the dice rolling and love outshining

Most amazing JA and everlasting.

- Kurt Brown