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POEM OF THE WEEK - It's Christmas

Published:Sunday | December 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

It's Christmas

Christmas is a time for sharing, a perfect time for caring

A time for peace, no flesh should be tearing,

It's that special time that comes once a year

A wonderful time we all show love and care,

Families and friends strongly unite,

Spreading love and cheer day to night.

There will be a lot of feasting,

And think of the kind things you can say,

And if you are missing someone,

Just clasp your hands and kneel to pray,

Christmas reminds us of Jesus our Saviour,

So please clean up your act and selfish behaviour,

He died for our sins, so be kind,

He saved us all, the rich, the poor, and the blind.

"Oh come all ye faithful"

Don't be involved in a rant,

It's Christmas, and you will be joyful and triumphant,

You should be singing carols through the night and day,

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,

It's Christmas so remember when Jesus was born,

To save you, a stranger,

And remember him always when you sing

"Away in a manger".

Remember he kept us firm

From the root to the stem,

"Long time ago in Bethlehem".

Grasp a handful of happiness and cheer

Even a pinch,

And don't worry about your Christmas getting stolen,

Just be a good friend of The Grinch,

You won't be home alone,

I know that's your main fear,

Your are invited to the Christmas party

And will get to ride with Santa and Rudolf the Reindeer.

It's Christmas!!! So Hark the herald......

Angels?!!!! HURRY AND SING!!!!

Let's unite and form a ring,

Have good things to say

And the Christmas star will shine down wherever you lay.

- Fabian Gabay

My Body Parts

I have many body parts you see,

Which are very important to me.

My eyes and mouth help me to see and talk;

My knees bend and my feet walk.

My nose helps me to smell very well,

With the help of a pair of round nostrils.

Without my ear it would be impossible to hear;

And without the fingers, I would not be able to tear.

The most important body part is my wonderful brain

Which controls my entire body.

Thank you, God, for such a wonderful design

Since all my body parts are working fine.

- Keturah Christmas (7 years old)

Damaged psyche

Standing in the midst of hell, enclosed in me is a mind so cold.

A world inside where blood is black and life is a disease. Infected by my worst enemy .... ME!!

I split this skin with a facade grin, laying lines of discomfort before I sit to think.

He tries to stop me but his beautiful words I shall resist, I will deny the truth while I live.

Like a lotion let life apply pain so gently on my skin as I slice my smile will shine, so sweetly setting a shade on my sins.

As I write my eyes are washed with tears. I am a poet, your mind is sick ... Let me heal your damaged psyche.

- Ramone Young

Teacher's Prayer

My God, my

God, my God.

I call out to you from the deepest parts

Of my heart and from the darkest part

of this night

My heart is overwhelmed

and sleep has denied me its splendour

I function within extremes

I love and care hard or none at all

And it has come back to haunt me

I love my students dearly

and I hate to see them drop

like mangoes from a tree

I love to see them grow

And become what they wanna be

I place the rest of them in your hands and tender care

cover each worker too everywhere

- Rayon Simpson

I Met a Man

Today I met a man

He had eyes that glowed

They pierced deep into my soul

He told stories of me

That happened a long time ago

Stories nobody knows

He had hair a shade of grey

But closer it appeared to be snowflake

White but clear

His skin shone like a brilliant light

He stood at a height

His feet floated as if in flight

At all times not losing sight

Of my obvious astonishment and fright

I asked, "how did you know of me?"

He replied sweetly,

"I am the potter, your friend

You are the clay I moulded way back then

I lend you air, the same you now breathe

I watch over you, while you're asleep."

He said

"Can't you tell, my dear, who I am?

You ought to know

I move mountains and open closed doors

I walk on the ocean shore

I am, the great I Am

I heal the sick and raise the dead

The lame walk for sure

With one touch of my hand

I am the Sweet Rose of Sharon

The lily of the valley

The Bright Morning Star.

You will never be sorry

Just take my hand because today you can say

You met a man

The Son of God

That's who I Am

- Charmaine Wallace