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Poems of the week

Published:Sunday | December 28, 2014 | 12:01 AM

Teacher's Prayer

My God my

God my God..

I call out to you From the deepest parts

Of my heart and from the darkest part

of this night

My heart is overwhelmed

and sleep has denied me its splendour

I function within extremes

I love and care hard or none at all

And it has come back to haunt me

I love my students dearly

and I hate to see them drop

like mangoes from a tree

I love to see them grow

And become what they wanna be

I place the rest of them in your hands and tender care

cover each worker too everywhere

- Rayon Simpson

I Met a Man

Today I met a man

He had eyes that glowed

They pierced deep into my soul

He told stories of me

That happened a long time ago

Stories nobody knows

He had hair a shade of gray

But closer it appeared to be snowflake

White but clear

His skin shone, like a brilliant light

He stood at a height

His feet floated as if in flight

At all times not losing sight

Of my obvious astonishment and fright

I asked "how did you know of me"

He replied, sweetly

" I am the potter, your friend

You are the clay I moulded way back then

I lend you air, the same you now breathe

I watch over you, while you're asleep"

He said

"Can't you tell my dear, who I am?

You ought to know

I move mountains and open closed doors

I walk on the ocean shore

I am, the great I Am

I heal the sick and raise the dead

The lame walk for sure

With one touch of my hand

I am the Sweet Rose of Sharon

The Lilly of the valley

The Bright Morning Star

You will never be sorry

Just take my hand because today you can say

You met a man

The Son of God

That's who I Am

- Charmaine Wallace