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Published:Sunday | January 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Its a new year

The old year is gone

And another starts anew,

Resolutions are being made

So many things to do.

Last year is no more; it is in the past,

Try to move on in the new year

So you can have a fair weather forecast,

Think not of the bad things that happened in the previous year,

Look forward to the future,

Come on lets meet up there.

Last year is gone; there is not even a trace,

But passed memories will be kept

Locked in our mental space,

We should all thank God, that we made it alive to be here,

So open your eyes and realise!!


This time you can cover a new beginning,

Forget your loss yesterday,

For today you will be winning,

This year is last years solution,

And I aim to be a better person this time

So whats your resolution?

Try to think positive this time around,

Imagine you are a bird

And dont anchor yourself to the ground,

Tell yourself you are going to be what you want to be,

Imagine youre the wind,

So wild ... but free!

Free to choose your own destiny this year,

Ill walk with you hand in hand

So you can overcome that fear,

Ill walk with you and tell you my story,

Because last year I was quiet and I fell short of glory.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6

Count your blessings and work on what needs to be fixed

If youve never hugged someone, let it be the first this year,

Say hi, hold a hand, cry,

Look life in the face and stare.

With that being said, means you should live on

And be the brightest flare,

And so the countdown continues,

5, 4, 3, 2, 1,


Fabian Gabay

My father

One of the strongest persons you will ever meet.

He taught me to be focused, be determined,

Strive to be happy, he said.

Pray. Trust in God,

Always be true to who you are.

Represent your best self.

Then strive for better and worry not he always said,

For I am always with you, the saying never left my head.

He carefully moulded this fine work of art,

This essence you treasure and admire today.

He continues to support and guide me,

I lift my hat to him, I salute this gentleman.

On this very special day.

He explained that everyone was important,

Especially when they did not understand it that way.

Service before self he always said,

Pay it forward to enjoy better days ahead.

He taught me to quickly pay my bills,

Respect Ceaser, even give him credit where its due.

Watch my reputation, keep my attitude in check.

For it takes my lifetime to build it,

And can be ruined forever in only a second.

Embrace honesty and humility, especially when its hardest to do.

For that is the armour in my character,

That will speak loudly so I dont have to.

I dont know where he learnt these things,

Or why he thought it necessary to show me.

But he taught me to truly value life, even when it seemed unkind

That my biggest and most powerful asset

Was the way I could use my mind,

Daddy, I salute you,

I appreciate who and how you are.

I thank you for everything.

Today and forever, you are a star.

Simone P. Graham

A chastisement

Beating ... beating ... beating

Walking away from me

From decades-old wisdom

Garnered together,

You have exercised no control

Over the wanderings

Of this pound of flesh

Racing ... racing ... racing

Stripping the likes of a

Mistress desperate for her lover,

You have disrobed all good sense.

And have drowned yourself

In the volatile, murky

Waters of matters concerning you

Pounding ... pounding ... pounding

Tearing through ice-hard walls

Of the sturdy fortress

We had built for protection,

You have crashed into

The de-tenderised chest

Of a more composed other

Spinning ... racing ... pounding

Skipping through pages

Written by spellbound hands

And enlightened minds

It is clear to see the reason

For your heart-shaped frenzy

So I will follow you ...

And fall in love.

Candace McGibbon