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Selection of poems

Published:Sunday | January 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Photo by Amitabh Sharma A Paint Jamaica mural.

Reality Strikes



Oh, the pain.

But I can see the gain.

As youths we believed fairy tales

Rumplestilskin and Peter Pan.

As adults we pay bills

Have cellular phones and mortgage plans.

What parents were,

They are no more.

Simply because the time has come

When pockets can dun'.

Allowances are a thing of the past

Christmas presents, don't even ask.

Independence came with maturity.

Responsibility with financial security.

Fairy tales may no longer exist

But the hands that put us to bed

Prepared us for life's challenging road

Where, everyday reality strikes.

- William Dyson


My Paint Set

If the sky is grey what colour should I paint the day?

Some may shout, paint it grey! Paint it grey!

I don't think so though.

I don't have a grey paint in my set.

I have red or yellow, a bright pink or shocking purple.

Let me look some more,

Sorry, I see a lush green, and a sky blue and a reddish orange.

Ohoo! I just found the canary yellow.

My paint set has only bright colours.

Who wants to paint with me ?

Come, stand beside me and let us paint the world with bright colours.

It would look beautiful.

You would love it and I would love it too.

- Rose Nuako

Dire Straits

Struggles, challenges, hardship

Nothing seems to be going right

Trying hard, but I'm coming up empty

Relief has taken a stance

To remain in the distance

A solution is nowhere in sight

Tossing and turning again for me tonight

When thoughts turn to what lies ahead

I'm feeling trapped and encased

Waiting for my escape

From a tangled web of dire straits

Where's my escape?

I can't go left, right, up, down

Neither forward nor backward

Tough times aren't for the squeamish

It's survival of the fittest

Giving up isn't an option

Regardless of the situation

I've got to believe, keep the faith

That better days are around the corner

I embrace hope and take things at my pace

While waiting to escape from dire straits

- S. Dionne Phillips