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Jamaica Music Museum to host Grounation series

Published:Sunday | January 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Kete Drums, which will also be featured at the exhibition

This year's fourth staging of the annual Grounation series by the Jamaica Music Museum (JaMM), a department of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), will commemorate Black History and Reggae Month, celebrated in February.

This year's staging to be held each Sunday in the month of February (1,8,15 and 22), under the theme, 'Riddim Across the Atlantic: De Drums in Africa & its Diasporas', will include performances and presentations.

Riddim Across the Atlantic: De Drums in Africa & its Diasporas will explore the idea of African retentions and the spread of innovative cultural expressions through the ethos of the African diaspora.

JaMM's director/curator, Herbie Miller, said that Grounation 2015 will include a specially curated exhibition, titled 'Call & Response: Masques, Masquerades and Drums', which will provide a rare opportunity to tell the epochal story of the movement of peoples, cultures and philosophies from Africa to the New World and the multicultural assimilation along the way that are endemic to the black diaspora.

"Through stunning examples from the outstanding collection of African objects from the National Museum Jamaica, a division of the IOJ, along with others on loan from private collections, the exhibition will give visitors a new perspective on African art in dialogue with musical trends across the diaspora," Miller said.

He noted that Call & Response: Masques, Masquerades and Drums will showcase loans and gifts to the Jamaica Music Museum's collection, and expressed gratitude to the growing list of musicians, collectors, and associate cultural institutions whose generosity has made this engaging and thoughtful exhibition a reality.


According to the JaMM director/curator, "By focusing on the innovations of people from Africa and its diaspora, Call & Response: Drums, Masques and Spirits will illuminate for audiences the seminal role of the drum as an idiomatic source in the shaping of cultures of the black Atlantic and highlight the important influences Afro New World vernacular has on contemporary expressions."

In addition, Grounation 2015 will show how these innovations lead to a synthesis in the shaping and defining of diverse black diaspora philosophies, rituals, visual traditions, popular music, and other art forms recognised globally for their dramatic aesthetics.

Grounation will be held at the IOJ's Lecture Hall, East Street, downtown Kingston, starting at 2 p.m., and will also explore the African and diaspora arts, which serve as conveyor of philosophical and social ideas as well as conduits to the acculturation process across the Atlantic that shapes the values and aesthetics of not only diaspora peoples but also New World cultures.

Admission to Grounation is free.