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Published:Saturday | February 14, 2015 | 10:04 PM


Real romance . . .

Hot, selfless, steamy

Passion in overdrive

Colour it bright

Feel the vibe

Opening mind and body

To welcome a great love story

If I'm asleep, don't wake me!

To find love that lasts

Is it gone like the past

Or left up to happenstance

The lovelorn awaits with bated breath

For a relationship with depth

Lasting more than a moment

To live the pages of a romance novel

Wouldn't that be wonderful

A courtship with a fairytale ending

Off into the sunset, of course!

Happily ever after, for better or worse

A lucky few are blessed

To find love that lasts

Others rely on happenstance

- S. Dionne Phillips

Let's Talk

Baby it's time to talk 'cause I can't hold back

Want to give you a list that's compact!

Let's talk: I love your face, it's so well-crafted

with dove's eyes so brown and bold

Your sensitive nostrils bound by your nose

to smell my sweet rose.

Your lips I notice when you speak

With those properly applied can take us to the peak

Your pair of ears so well positioned

You listen to what I say

It seems you'd go no other way.

Let's talk: I love your hands so strong

Creative, they do no wrong

Though fingers not long

They can play the right song

You and I, we belong.

I love your thick thighs, your long legs

On your bicycle, I love to see you pedal

No doubt I place you on a pedestal.

Let's talk: You're so proportionately arrayed

You and Solomon would stand shoulder to shoulder

Yours are broader

What a wonder! You're wise - you know the secret of a woman.

Let's talk: You're royalty

You're clothed in purple robe;

Decked in platinum and gold;

Precious stones

You're dipped in honey.

- Marie Henry

The Kiss

Last night our lips met and we kissed

Lingering, heavenly bliss

It was only a kiss but look what it did

My knees got weak, I felt sick

But in a good way

Light headed, I swayed

I held on to you, begged you to stay

You kissed me fast and then slow

Our tongues hungrily said hello

Without us saying a word

Our bodies melted, we glowed

Held each other tighter

as our eyes spoke

My heart raced

My belly ached

Curled toes, in a passionate woe

I shivered, I felt the earth shake

Cold sweat all over my face

I almost said I love you babes


That couldn't be

How can a kiss do this to me?

- Charmaine Wallace

This Man

His kisses are so tender, sweetly lingering and pure.

His touch is like silk, leaves me yearning for more.

To him, I am super,

I am incredibly awesome,

I am sweet!

I love the way he loves me,

From my head to my feet.

I keep him smiling.

He keeps me moaning,

The tenderness, the touching,

The sounds, the ecstasy, that rush.

Those lips leave me singing,

He's hot, sexy, steaming, oh gosh!

I see myself with him, for only him,

Even when I am old.

So supportive is he,

Strong, yet patient. So kind, not cold.

Enters my consciousness, like no one else can do.

Loves me anyway, good bad and in between too.

Vitality, for my body, spirit and mind

Incredible, intoxicating, invigorating

Nothing like him you will ever find

His voice is so commanding, so powerful,

Yet so empowering!

This man leaves me speechless.

This man,

My one true love,

I love him!

- Simone P. Graham


I'm going through

this cycle of life

Not knowing

what's in sight

I travel

with hope

that I can win

this fight

This battle

I tell myself is mine

For I must stay positive

Cause if doubt

consumes me

I'll die

My aspiration

goes far beyond the skies

I sometimes ask myself


Am I dreaming too high?

My dreams are scary

But I will achieve them

With all my might

For I wasn't made

To give up

When things aren't

going right

I'll keep fighting

Till the day I die

Cause if at first

I don't succeed

It's always worth

A second try

-Theresa Peters

"I will have a cup of coffee"

I will have a cup of coffee

certainly more original than "I can't breathe"

or "hands up.. don't shoot"

that is what I am entitled to

tea is often a genric term for any hot beverage

cocoa, chocolate, tea, mint, cerasse

maybe she was correcting my Lord

in his use of the word "tea"

and made it specifically clear what she wanted

not the British culture of "tea"

We grow that here, coffee

in the Blue Mountains

we are famous for the brew

"Me caffee, me bowl ah boiling coffee in de morning"

with a pinch of salt my grand Lena Turner would mix

not even water was an option deserving of consideration

we need what we are entitled to our own "coffee"

"too many" are dying

we soon won't have a pool from which to choose to compete in any olympics

there is a Joan of Arc for France

Thank God for the Joan for Jamaica

a woman alone,losing her male flesh and blood, ONE is too many

her tears have transformed this nation

her failing sight provides what Father Sherlock etal. longed for " lest we perish"

it struck a chord for life

we can never be the same

"strengthen us the weak to cherish"

but will a cup of coffee do?

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson