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Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Contributed photo An underwater photograph taken by scuba diving expert Sabine Bolenius Dream Team Divers off the West End Coast of Negril recently. Nine Lionfish can be spotted in the photo frame. Bolenius has been raising concern about the increasing number of the predators in Negril's coastal waters and has called on the environmantal agencies to establish a sustainable eradication plan.

A Woman Time fi Celebrate

Mi seh meck wi celebrate wi woman dem

fah wi a come from far,

Way down from di bottom up to di star.

Yes Ma, Nanny did set di precedence dat

wi haffe fight,

we cant just fold wi hand, wi haffe

get tings right.

Everywhere yuh goh, yuh can hear di argument,

Everyone a talk bout woman empowerment

Yes, wi can seh dat wi arrive,

An wi certainly a thrive.

Fi Mi Aunty Matty seh years a go wi did have

a different role,

Fah lots a woman only use to sit a yard,

do housework an tan deh till dem ole.

But nowadays, woman can reach any height,

Fah wi have nuff opportunity an wi competent

an bright.

Listen, yuh don't hear anything yet,

Can yuh believe dis? wi account fi more

than seventy percent a tertiary graduate,

An wi a di world biggest challenger

Fah wi country have di highest proportion

A female manager.

Oh wi versatile dat wi a enter the male domain,

We in a construction, we a engineer, wi a

drive bus an wi can even fly airplane.

An some a wi who a sole bread winner,

wi juggle, wi hustle fi meck two ends meet,

Sometimes to do dis wi figuratively haffe

Text, google an even tweet.

Wi a lover, wife, parent, daughter, sister

Confidante an friend,

Wi protect, guide an even defend.

Wi display intelligence, we skilfull, resourceful

an knowledgeable,

An don't care how tings hard we meck it


Mi seh good women teach godly principle

an keep morals high,

An wi a di spring board an facilitator

dat teck wi spouse dem to di sky.

We do all those an more fah sure

So all those who meck di effort to be great,

Come join in, a woman time fi celebrate.

- Nalda Taylor-Wright

I Learned to Be Woman

I learned to be a woman

I learned to be full of confidence

I learned to forgive

I learned to be full of love

I learned that heartbreak is not the end all

I learned to be the best I can in every moment

I learned that my best in every moment is good enough

I learned to be decisive

I learned to be kind

I learned to be kind to those worthy of my kindness

I learned my worth

I learned that I deserve, I deserve to be treated like queen

I learned that a man deserves to be treated like king

I learned to be me

I learned to trust me

I learned to love me

I learned to be true to that girl within me

I learned that I am more than this body

I learned that I am more than this mind

I learned that I am a beautiful spark of divinity

I learned that I am divinely ordained to have all I want

I learned that what I want is found in the heart

I learned that my heart is worth listening to

I learned that I am soft and fragile, I am vunerable

I learned that I can receive help

I learned that not everything that shines is gold

I learned that intuition is real, it is my inner guidance

I learned that following intuition is the best thing ever!

I learned that well-tuned discernment can save a life

I learned that acceptance of self is highly necessary in this world

I learned that acceptance of others is needed for unity and world-wide love

I learned that I can change the world, starting with myself

I learned that I am alot of different things, cannot be defined and put in a box

I learned that I am always connected to the divine, eternal pervading source

I learned that this is all temporary

I learned that spirit reigns supreme

I learned that love is all that is real

I learned that I am here for a purpose

I learned to be confident

I learned that I am woman with depths beyond the physical realms

Yours Truly,


- Tora S.

The Ocean

Unimaginable depth, the deep blue sea

God's great creation

where you'll find, wondrous sea creatures

Angled waves and drifting sand

Gentle on your feet and floats through your hands

Amazing wonders

You can't quite ponder or begin to understand

The Universe, its length expands

Filled with scenes of torrential storms

Or serene calm

Throughout history, humans have sought

Blue, beyond beautiful


Filled with many memories

Tarnished, with untold tragedies

Calming are its tide

Relaxing in defeat

At moonlight, a fisher man's pride

The ocean

The place where sea creatures breathe

The ships traverse with ease

And humans enjoy the calming effect

Of the ocean's intoxicating tease

- Charmaine Wallace

Bank Charges:

To: The Banks,

From: Customers with low balances

Bank charges are huge

= equate to at least

The following daily per customer

Say at the least a million transactions per day island wide in Jamaica (low estimate)

Surely this is where the budget for poverty eradication needs to extradited?

Bank Charges:

- small business start-up!

One-way bus fare or two-way bus fare depending on location

One chicken patty

1 micro wave popcorn

5 frankfurters at wholesale shop

cooked chicken back with food in plastic bag at corner of Denham town primary = breakfast, lunch and dinner

1 expensive chips snack

very small bun but nonetheless a bun

3 slice cheese from wholesale shop

Some patty combos

2 pack 24 small bug juice

1lb flour, 1lb rice, 1lb sugar

1 vegetarian combo at a fast food

8 oz fried rice and a box drink

1lb chicken breasts or parts

2 regular Pepsi or other soda

envelopes, paper for resumes

36 or so panadol at generic cost

two blouse ah town

"other" articles of clothing

toiletries, deodorant, toothbrush


couple of cake soap

powder soap for clothes

tissue paper for a week

ground provision at market

3 bammy at corner of King street opposite post office

3 huge plantain

12 ripe banana

Dozen june plum, etc.

$J100 Telephone credit from either provider + plus GCT (which could get a remittance help) etc. and the list goes on

(to be continued send your list to mccommunication2003@yahoo.co.uk) point taken?

it sure does add up!

Why minus us from the above?

The multiplier effect of US$1.50 for a withdrawal, or round about

equivalent in JA$,

The multiplier effect of the deduction from each customer

The long-term investment impact of each charge

Bank Reconciliation:

Please no more take away - allow me to collect just one bank charge per day at one branch

and see what I do with it.

+ a programme for customers with low balances

= Drop the charges on the poor!

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson

I am no ordinary me

Have you ever seen a pea?

Burst out of its pod


That's me

Well defined

I am exceptional

I soar high like a bumble bee

Difficulties, challenges, I turn into opportunities

I don't stress, neither indulge in self pity


They strengthen me

I use them to boost my confidence

I don't abhor doubts


Naysayers, integrity rapers

I see them as goal shapers

I am rooted and grounde

I am the game changer

Reaching new heights, everyday

I don't do failures

No way

I don't sweat the little things

I channel my mind to conquer, to win

Didn't you notice?

Well be aware

I am no pessimist; I don't dwell on the negatives

I re-evaluate and perceive things

My name is positive

I am an achiever

Goals in sight, I am a firm believer

So for all you haters

I aim high, so high

I am a skyscraper

- Charm