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Published:Sunday | March 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM


We discard the things that don't fill



We discard the things that don't fill.

Our fancies empty spaces

of worn-out cravings

and tangible yearnings

once desirable and fragile.

Demands, once necessary

and worthwhile, now spill over

excessively onto our nerves

as we tire of their accusing presence;

Their silent build-up crowding lives

that consume too much.

Dutifully demanding direct delivery

of grim gifts. Offered unceremoniously

where warning winds dispatch

loose paper. Protesting pamphlets.

Message meaningless ...

Failing to convince merchants

of greed and glut

and impending disaster,

as gulls, the gluttons of the dump,

squeal in riotous laughter.

- Charlene Elson-Gustard




Touch, touch, is how I feel you

Touch, touch, is how I see you

Touch, touch, is how I hear you

Touch, touch, is how I love you

Physical, touch

Metaphorical, touch

Emotional, touch

Psychological, touch

We move each other, to touch

Through words, we touch

For a purpose, we touch

I am open to your, touch

Anticipating your, touch

Wanting your, touch

Needing your, touch

Through your warm stare, we touch

Through conflicts we sometimes can't bear, we touch

Through smiles elevated like sunshine, we touch

Through waves like passersby, we touch

Never mind my aloof disguise, come and touch

My soul secretly lusts for your, touch

Affinity causes us to, touch

It is healing to be, touched

When should we not, touch?

The time was never designed, not to, touch

As our spirits inside were created from, touch

We maintain the cycle of life when we, touch

So come on and feel my, touch

Let it resonate within, us

It's passion flowing through our veins

Occurring naturally, not for pain.

- Taelor Lyn