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Selection of poems

Published:Sunday | March 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Aerial view of Riverton City disposal site smoke a day after the fire broke out on March 11
Holy Bible

Nine Day Wonders

From chick-v to Ebola

Trafigura to Presi,

The newspaper a mek a killing

From wi appetite fi nine day wonda.

One time it was bulby,

From Verandah to court house,

Mouth and ears ketch dem length,

Who leak di papa

Whe come fi di President?

Den the commish in waiting,

Get himself mix-up wid

Business man traffic ticket,

While Sam's Uncle insist,

Certain man fi pack him bag and go!

Juicy the news

Large the appetite,

Wi just cant satisfy,

When the slippery one

Slide through the mega power blunder.

Now dem want di ting legalize,

Line a farm like visa a gi whe,

Shipment a wait

Fi dem fly di gate,

Cause man haffi get rich,

From healing the nation.

Den nothing nu wrong

If di beauty,

Tink sixty gran is enough

Fi look afta the singer's cutie,

While the Trust living the motto

Out a many,

One big mouth.

Who is coming next?

Punchinella lickle fella,

Public figure or private

Fi wi ears nuh stop itch,

Waiting fi di next nine day wanda.

- Kenneth Grant