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The measurement of success

Published:Sunday | April 5, 2015 | 12:00 AMCorine La Font

This question must have crossed your mind many times even if it has been only once so far in your lifetime. I know it crosses my mind every day and people will look at me and think I am successful. After all, I have so many accolades and achievements, but is it really achievements or accomplishments that make someone successful, or does it take more than that? Is it the many trophies, medals, prizes or awards that can make someone successful? Is there a difference? I think on that a lot and feel to myself that there is a difference.

The question then is, what is success? Some may argue that success is anything that is achieved that you didn't have before, no matter how small it is; for it takes the small steps to reach the bigger goal. And that is true.

It doesn't matter what others think of you or what they say, success is how you perceive yourself. To me, there is no right or wrong way of looking at success. Success does not discriminate.

Having the right attitude and approach is also important. I have listed below a few tips to help you get there, whether or not you have achieved or accomplished in your life:

- Have no fear - Fear inhibits thinking and movement. That fright or flight syndrome should not be accommodated when you want to achieve success. Your fears are all in your mind. Retrain yourself to think positively and wake up each day with a renewed energy to go for it no matter what!

- Keep trying - Know that there is no such thing as failure. Each time you may have to do it over again, you learn from the previous times and so you are getting better as you do it again and again. Consider it preparation for what is to come. Get ready to

celebrate those little successes!

- Never give up - Just when you think you are on your last breath, your last ounce of

energy, that's when things turn around for you.

- Stay focused - It is said that FOCUS stands for 'Follow One Course Until Successful'. It can be a challenge, believe me. Trying to just focus on one thing until successful gets you busy but not really moving closer to your goals and success in a more efficient way. Also, when you have too many things on the plate, you are unable to learn in a wholesome manner to apply the lessons learned for the next project.

- Stop suffering from analysis to paralysis - There are many people out there that before they just take the plunge or leap of faith, they have to study the project or idea and do research till thy Kingdom come! Yes, you will have loads of knowledge, but have you moved? No! Just jump in and as you go along you will learn. It's like riding a bike or driving a car. Remember? You didn't have to learn how a car worked or be a licensed mechanic before you learn to drive, did you?

- Build your skills - Keep reading new books and challenge yourself to improve on your personal and professional development each day. Set aside a goal of how many books you will read per month. How many trainings you will attend. How many webinars or audio you will listen to.

- What are you willing to

sacrifice to be successful? - When you do hear of someone who is successful, whatever your definition of success may be, it was not an overnight success. They worked hard for many years to finally reach where they are. You wouldn't know about it until years later when they are interviewed and you may have the opportunity to hear their story, so keep your chin up. You may be the one sharing your story one day that can inspire others.

These are just a few of many approaches you can apply right now if you want to turn your life around to become successful. If you have a few that you would like to share with me, go ahead and email me. Also, I invite you to ask me your questions and I will write an answer for you as a blog post on my website. That way, everyone else can benefit from the knowledge.

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