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Selection of poems for President Obama

Published:Sunday | April 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM
President Barack Obama smiles and waves as he leaves Jamaica last Thursday.


"Barack hab di city lock!"


'Twas twenty fifteen bout 7:35 in di nite pon April eight

wen President Obama lan at di Norman Manley Airport


Prezi, POTUS, Barack!

Welcome to Jamrock!

Di fuss black President lan pon wi likkle rock, wat a piece a


Reagan wuz di fuss an dis a di thirty third year anniversary

Mi feel elated an excited, like mi heart a guh buss

Wen mi watch di TV an si di POTUS

Bare traffic diversion, wid peeple linin di street

Sum waan si di "Beast" or fi si if Obama dem coulda meet

Peeple a luk farwud to di motorcade

But all dem buck up pon di street wuz "Barackade"

Im tep offa Air Force One an meet di dignitaries dem pon di ramp

Den im travel pon Marine One to Up Park Camp

Im neva carry di pickney dem, nor Michelle im spouse

Im lef di airport fi di Pegasus but tun off to Bob Marley "house"

From im inna high skool im a Bob Marley fan

"Exodus" di song a im favourite one

Im meet wid di yute leadaz dem a di town hall meetin, a UWI

"Greetings massive... wah gwaan Jamaica", "big up UWI" says Barack

Di Prezi hab di patois lock

As part a di speech

Im tell di young peeple dem sey wid haad wurk an hope

Change is always widdin dem reach

Wat a privilege an pleasha to hab Barack pon di rock

Mi sorry mi neva get fi meet im up close an personal inna mi pretti frock

POTUS, Barack, Prezi u is di ungle don

to lock Kingston city, "Yes U Can!!".

- Sharon Wright

Written in tribute on President

Obama's visit to Jamaica


Obama a visit Jamaica



Mi dear, what a excitement, what a preparation,

Obama a visit wi island nation,

Mi seh everyting is in high gear

You can see di sign everywhere.

Over-growth meck way for smiling flowers

An drought give way to stimulating showers.

Di street dem pose like any beauty queen,

An everyting look so nice an clean.

As excitement blanket di atmosphere

An joy engulf anger everywhere.

Oh Mr. President di country is in a jolly mood,

Even di miscreant can find no time fah feud.

Den wi security force dem sharp like razor,

Dem move fast and beam like any laser.

Wid flying colours dem pass di test

Fah security is really at its best.

You know seh a nuff a wi love di president,

yes man,

Im nice so till an him a di first black one,

An it show dat di colour a wi skin don't have

to dictate anyting,

Ambition an hard work can meck wi become

President, queen or king.

A lot a people a express dem Obama wish,

One man wish him could give di president

some coconut water, I suppose a whole big jug,

But fi mi Aunty Matty seh she would give

him roast breadfruit wid ackee and saltfish

wi national dish,

Then throw her hand roun him an give him

a good Jamaican hug.

Mi seh even young children love di president, a give yuh

dis joke, Mi little grandchild believe every plane

weh pass a carry di president,

an nuh care what mi tell her she jus nah relent.

She even promise to report mi to him if mi

discipline her in a any way,

So a guess a gwine haffe deh pon mi Ps and Qs

starting from today.

Mr President, wi cant get close to yuh fah

We not part of di official team,

But we all see yuh as fulfilling a big part

of our dream,

So in one voice we seh welcome to our shore

An hope dat having such a wonderful visit

yuh will come back fah more.

- Nalda Taylor-Wright


Walk with you


Loneliness you feel,

And those feelings you conceal

Wondering if this reality is real

Having wounds that refuses to heal

There are no numbers in your phone,

No one to talk to when you're alone

There are no tears in your eyes

But deafening is the echoes of your inner cries,

When your world is clouded and you cannot see through

I will be your guide and walk with you.

When your hands are cold and needs to be held,

I'll be your company

Your worries, quelled

When life changes the password And shuts you out,

I'll be your new code,

I'll be your ride or die friend when you hit the road,

I'll walk with you I will be your shadow in sight,

And even though the darkness casts no shadows,

Trust me I'll be there even at night.

I'll walk with you and we can share each other's tales

I'll be the one that comes through When all else fails,

We can share fabled stories and let fantasy prevails,

And If we play "pretend" I'd be the prince of Wales,

Take my hand and let us stride,

I'll be your saviour so you don't have to hide,

I can keep a secret so in me you can confide

And those leaking tears I'll have it dried.

I'll walk with you

Whenever you wish to go,

Let's be crystal clear as the river

And as effervescent as its glow

Our harmony will freeze time,

We'll see the beauty of the world in slow motion,

We'll walk through the depths of time

That goes beyond the bottomless ocean

Life isn't fair

And we all know this as a fact,

But I'll walk with you pass the stage

That is an eternal pact

Life is sometimes sad

But I will try to bring joy,

I will come to your defence

When the enemies are approaching to destroy.

When your journey gets lonely

And you are in need of a friend,

I will walk with you unto the end.

- Fabian Gabay