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Published:Sunday | April 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Just 14

Can someone tell me why my friend had to die?

Just 14 and I have to watch his mother's eyes run dry

My friend wanted to be the fastest track star

Only God knows how much more I miss him as each day goes by

When the sun goes down, my heart beats faster

The fear in my eyes now permanent as the gunshots come closer as I walk by

Such beauty in my country but the ugliness is always near by

You tell me to sit still and make learning my priority

The window shakes and our screams get louder and louder

Our books fall off our tables as our education is left behind just for a while

I'm just 14 but I've seen so many around me die

Dead bodies have become the norm and it no longer makes me cry

This is the reality on my sweet little island

They tell me to make my future my priority

But is there a promise of even a tomorrow?

The gunshots increase and I see my teacher calling out for us to leave

Four bodies on the ground, lifeless with no soul

Promises of bright futures now buried and I hear my teacher say gone too soon

Will a change ever come?

A day passes and we forget about it just a little bit

A next day comes and once again we hear about the guns

Plans are made in offices about what can be done

Yet I stand on the street corners and watch men run by with their guns

I'm just 14 but my aunt has already buried four sons

Each and everyone of them taken out by the gun

Police man, gunman they all show the power of the gun

Fear bubbles within me as I'm just a 14-year-old young man

What could my friend have done?

To die innocently at the hands of the gun

- Saccheen Laing


Silent Moment

As we lay, quietly

A million stars like tiny eyes looked down at us, curiously

The moon smiled as if to applaud

The beating of our hearts

As our fingers touched

The waves welcomed our presence

Abated in sweet essence

The night creatures stood quietly

Admiringly blushed

The sand smothered

Like silk sheet to our touch

Creatures from the silent deep

Perched to get a sneak peak


But we only lay still


Enjoying the cool breeze

With no intention to indulge

Our hearts heavy with love

As the night owl said hello

We only wanted to engage

On the beach as we laze

In a silent moment

Where our hearts speak

In a warm embrace

- Charmaine Wallace


In your face

As black as I am,

I am proud of my race

Not like some of you who think it's a disgrace.

You willed and defiled yourself pale

Aren't you ashamed?!

When asked the reason for doing this

You say it is to make yourself look 'Kriss'

But Look at This!

For many years

We black people have strived to reach so far in life,

and to be ashamed of your skin,

It's like stabbing us with a knife.

If you being black

Or anyone being black is a shame to you,

and you may try hard to get out your Black trace

No matter what you do,

It will still be in your face.

- Reece Dawson