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Osmosis Caribbean takes flight

Published:Sunday | April 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Roger Grant, Centre Director, Scotia Private Banking Group, drums up a beat at the launch of Osmosis Caribbean.
Julian Robinson, Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, makes a point at the launch of Osmosis Caribbean.

It was the perfect setting, starlit Caribbean skies, cozy ambiance, the beat of the drums resonating in the air, building to a crescendo as Jamaica's premier online web initiative was launched on Wednesday, April 15.

The gardens at 8 Hillcrest Avenue came alive as this initiative took centrestage in a launch sponsored by Scotia Private Banking Group.

"Osmosis Caribbean is taking Jamaican arts to the next level," said Julian Robinson, minister of state in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, in his keynote presentation.

Robinson added that initiatives such as Osmosis Caribbean reaffirmed Jamaica's strategic position as a hub for information technology, nurturing entrepreneurial capacity, and taking Brand Jamaica to a global scale.

"I wish this venture all the success," the minister said, adding that the venture would encourage the setting up of other e-commerce initiatives in Jamaica.


supporting the fine arts


Roger Grant, centre director, Scotia Private Banking Group, while congratulating the principals of Osmosis Caribbean, reaffirmed his institution's support for the fine arts.

"We at Scotiabank have always supported the arts, being the organisers of the Celebration of Arts exhibition, encouraging and nurturing new and emerging talent," Grant said.

"This is not merely a web initiative," he continued. "Osmosis Caribbean is the hallmark of e-commerce and how businesses are conducted in the 21st century."

Unveiling the website, Amitabh Sharma, creator and the brains behind Osmosis Caribbean, expounded that the genesis of the concept was laid down during his deliberations with Art Gallery Decor VIII. "It is the birth of a new dimension and a new medium for the creative thought process," Sharma said, thanking Decor VIII for its support.

"Osmosis Caribbean is an initiative that takes Jamaican and Caribbean fine arts beyond the stereotypical, giving it an international flavour and reaching out to the global sphere," Sharma said.


indigenous product


He further informed the guests that Osmosis Caribbean was a truly indigenous product, having being designed and developed in Jamaica. "This is a representation of Brand Jamaica and exhibits the top-class quality that is second to none in the world."

The crescendo to the unveiling transcended into a mystical sphere, with the beat of the drums led by ace drummer and ceramicist par excellence Phillip Supersad.

Osmosis Caribbean will showcase a range of fine arts - from the masters to the young and contemporary artists. "What sets us apart is the fact that we would issue certificates of authenticity, personally signed by the artist, along with the artwork purchased," said Sharma. "The art enthusiast will not only be assured of investing in quality artwork, but also get a personalised touch with their purchase, which they can cherish for a lifetime."

Osmosis Caribbean wishes to thank its media partner, associated partner Whitty Gordon Projects, and has committed its support to Chupse as its outreach partner.

The genesis of this venture was formed around the need to develop and harness an international market for Jamaican and Caribbean fine art and authentic merchandise.

The web initiative was conceptualised by Amitabh Sharma, a media professional and owner of Synapse Communications, a PR consultancy, along with artists and marketing and technology specialists.

Osmosis Caribbean's 21st century-initiative will market and sell Jamaican and Caribbean fine art internationally. The venture seeks to converge artists' creations with technology, offering marketability of their works in the Caribbean and global high-end art marketplace.