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Published:Friday | May 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


My Foolish Heart

It gives without thinking

Cares without knowing

It hurts like it knows no abound

Too gentle

I lashed out

Too forgiving

No doubt

When will it stop and become ice

Not melted by the sun

Caressed by the snow

Hardened and cold

Unknown to any foolish words

Of endearment and love

Taking time out to heal

To grow

Pain is all it seem to know

It bleeds, forlorn


For it's been torn

Haunted by endless tears

Overcome with grief and fear

Through the years

I've tried, but I can't console

This foolish heart

Broken and completely alone.

- Charmaine Wallace


For My Mother

You carried me for nine months and still counting

You played the role of Mom and Dad and still going

Mother, you are always there when I'm in need

You are more than a mother, you are a friend indeed

Thank you, Mother, for waiting with me for nine months and zero days

You, Mother, surely deserve all my praise

Thank you, Mother, for being there to see my first grin

Thank you, Mother, for being there through thick and thin

Thank you, Mother, for showing the real strength of a woman

In growing up a son to be an exceptional gentleman

Thank you, Mother, for playing the roles

You encouraged and believed in me to achieve all my goals

For my mother, I sure do love you ...

- Roshain R. Greensword


Remembering Nepal

The earth shakes and we know it's another earthquake

How much more can we really take?

Flashbacks of dead bodies lying in the streets

People digging through rubble for something to eat

My heart becomes still as my pot and pans begin to shake

What have we done for us to have yet another earthquake?

My family members are still missing and yet more destruction has come

When will the sorrow in our hearts be able to quiet down?

The pain in the eyes of the children who stand close by

We peep through the holes in the walls as we see people running by

The churches lay flat, houses begin to crack

Even bodies already resting are now risen and lay beside us

Our country continues to get worse as the shake comes once more

Have mercy on us please as we prepare for the earth to shake with deadly force

The world looks on as if they can't believe

Quickly charities have formed to try and meet our needs

As we pray for help, the walls continue to shake

The world holds its breath as Nepal can't withstand another huge earthquake

As you sit comfortably in your homes please reflect

With just one shake your houses could fall

Be thankful for the blessings you have and remember those who have lost it all

Imagine if your beautiful buildings no longer stood tall

Imagine if your families were all gone after the shaking was no more

Imagine if you had to search far and wide for water to quench your thirst

Imagine if you had broken bones and could no longer walk at all.

Nepal we are thinking of you

- Saccheen Laing


Happy Mother's Day

To a warm and caring mother

Who fills my life with love, laughter, joy, happiness

I'm so blessed

Mom, you know best

You've passed that test!

For everything you do

All you've done

You're an awesome woman

Mom, on this special Sunday in May

I wish you a Happy Mother's Day

I love you

I celebrate you

I honour you

I say, 'Thank You'


For the beautiful years

You've made the world a better place

- S. Dionne Phillips