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Published:Sunday | June 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Consent, No conscience

Respect goes both ways you see

I'm just gonna say it as I see,

Respect the Parliament,

But to my astonishment, I could not expect such loose argument,

Coming out of the parliament about public sector wage agreement,

5% to any salary, that's impotent,

After 5 years' wage freeze, now mi tink the pressure woulda ease,

A mi throat you grab and a squeeze,

For nuff time mi go home an haffi consume breeze,

And a only water inna di fridge a freeze, and we haffi take the JPS squeeze

5%? To any salary that impotent, can't pay water, light or rent,

Warder, teacher, police, and nurse

Almost every month the 1st, dem end up with empty wallet and purse

So that mean poverty cannot be a blessing it must be a curse,

Warder, teacher, nurse and police

You waanthey keep the border, teach, medicate and keep the peace,

When you fly gone north, south, west and east,

Come back, sit inna you seat and a desk you a beat,

While poverty inna poor people him a sink him teeth

5% to any salary that's impotent,

Necessary document 44%, so all strategy you a implement,

A to poor people ailment, 5% to 44% show no conscience,

So no consent, unless you change your argument

- Morris McKie


Let a writer fall in love

With you

He will spend his days penning you

Into perfection

His works will centre around you

No matter how hard he tries

To stop

You will come out of his pen

Every chance he gets

He will remember every detail

Like how your brown eyes change colour in the sun

To a hazel delight

And how your laugh is as soothing as the water rolling on the shore

Or how you look like you were intricately designed by God

And most importantly how you make them feel as if heaven exists

And you don't have to die to get there.

Let a writer fall in love with you

And you'll live forever.

- T. Hamilton


I Am Different

I am a girl of only sixteen

Attending a school with kind and mean

Hid in a class with 36 able-bodied classmates

I am never able to go out and have fun

I have to walk when others run

I have to site when others stand

I read when others play

But, does that matter anyway?

I'm a person who is different

Who knows within myself I'm special

I smile with others cause I'm not anti-social

No one or anything else can compare with me

I may look different to most but I love me

So, if you are disabled like I am

Believe in yourself and say "Yes! I can"

Don't wish you were like anybody else

Just be yourself; there's no one like you

It's ok to be different, and to yourself be true

Tiffany Thomas



A ripple in the water,

A gentle stir of the evening breeze,

Felt, but only briefly acknowledged.

A whisper in the ear,

A light touch against the skin,

The tickle of hairs at the nape of the neck;

The soul is awakened, eyes twinkling,

Stretches and yawns, arms slowly spread, ready to embrace.

A shift in the tempo, a flutter of a heartbeat,

A smile, a recognisable voice,

The being crescendos to life,

The heart, body and mind yearn for that single other who alone creates this feeling.

Is it real? True? Right?

One hand takes another as a voice says, "Yes. I am here."

A deep unknown happiness yet a feeling well-acquainted carries the souls to fertile lands

yet undiscovered.

The journey of love begins.

- Toni-Ann Fraser


A prayer to my Father

Thank you Lord for my daily bread

Give me the knowledge,

Provide for me so I don't have to beg

Strengthen my heart,

Rise in my spirit

Keep me focused on the prize,

Even when I feel hopeless

Keep me focused

Let my enemies be scattered

Let my mind be focused on the things

That matter to you

Abba, my Father, my Saviour, my Creator

I pray for my friends

Even my haters

- Howard Stewart


Stolen Innocence

Where are the good old days

of subsistence, for the child?

In all villages, that they belong to;

Days now often greet, more sorrow

Future, hopes and dreams, bereft from tomorrow.

Why do you take, away their lives?

Why do you nip the buds, and steal


When they're not, guilty of nothing

Except, the bloom of life;

How can you take, away their lives?

And nip the buds, to steal innocence

Their stain won't wash

No use in trying

It's the pigment, of life.

Let them feel at ease

Bustling, through the streets

With no caustic energies, out lurking, by;

Hands be wings, and shield tomorrow's

Future, hopes and dreams

from engulfing, sorrow.

Why, do you take, away their lives?

Why, do you nip the buds, to steal innocence?

- Janice Menzies


Who am I?

Who am I?

I'm still searching

For the answers

The question

Has been asked

Many a times

Yet still I ponder

A simple question

But no answer

Is it a given?

I guess

I could say

I'm God's daughter

But is that really the

answer that's sought after?

For I know not who I am

But of that whose I am

The daughter of the most high

The healer


One who sits in the skies

The giver of life

And the ruler of time

He who knows every act

Every deed of mankind

So who am I?

Is what he sees in his eyes

The seed he planted in me

Never dies

So at the end of the night

I guess I could say

I'm just a poet

Whose dream is to fly

-Theresa Peters