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Published:Saturday | July 4, 2015 | 11:08 PM

My Blue Moon

I could hear its silent sound coming in through my window

Streaming in from the wild woods and saying softly

Don't worry my child

Come with me into the wild

Where I'll keep you warm

In your time of storm

My Blue Moon of beauty is only a smile away

Though maybe miles away

He brings me light on any dark day

For the time we spend each and every day

Means more to me than they

Thank you my Blue Moon for showing me the path of faith

Thank you my Blue Moon for freeing me from this hate

Thank you my Blue Moon for believing in me

When everyone else gave up on me and friends are gone too soon

You're always there my Blue Moon

- Tiffany Thomas

Literature and I

When I was a girl, of merely two years old,

He came to me, through the tales I were told.

We had an instant connection, as the first word was read.

And hereinafter every night, he tucked me in bed.

We opened magical doors and met dragons face to face,

We wrestled dinosaurs and took many trips outer space.

We stowed aboard a submarine, and climbed atop a giant's head,

We found a time machine, and went back and forth in time, as mom read.

It always felt like there were two stories being told, at the time I couldn't explain,

That one was with words, and the other, too profound for words to contain.

Slow and heavy with terrible sadness and genuine bliss, in equal proportion,

Like it was on its way to heaven, my heart would lift, as each tale came to a conclusion.

My siblings didn't approve, they thought he was a waste of my time,

But I hungered still, for every tangy word, for each tasty little rhyme.

Each night was an adventure, for which I could hardly wait,

Through Art to Heart recitation, I deduced, we most definitely were soul mates.

When I was a girl of merely thirteen years old,

He tried to reach out to me, after I had grown cold.

See I had started high school and made some actual friends,

And before I knew it, it was like we didn't know each other again.

As the months rolled by, we grew more distant and out of sync,

Our ship hadn't sailed, but we knew it would eventually sink.

For while trying to fill an empty space, that seemed a hollow pit,

I created another void, for which nothing seemed to fit.

Going forward but hitting rewind, until he was no more,

No memory left that he had ever lived, or entered my life's door.

But he was the words in poetry, and the ones in life that were spoken,

I thought he had left and had returned to nothingness and be forgotten.

It was like he died a death, but somehow managed to stay alive,

Following the whisper of my breath, in phantom's likeness, he survive.

I told him to give up and to just let me give in...

To technology, the temptress, who gave appeal to sin.

But he held on to me, for I was his and he was mine,

Said if we ever let go, a life of misery would be the fine.

So he taught me to put pen to paper, said it could mend a shattered heart,

Said in the book of life, tears made better ink when lives fell apart.

He said he'd pick up the pieces, even if it proved quite a chore,

Said the burden was his to bear, he didn't want me to grieve anymore.

He told me to search myself and be amazed at what I would find,

Yet if my search were to be in vain, it would have still satisfied my mind.

Now that I'm a girl of merely nineteen years old,

My most precious possession, is that which my hands cannot hold,

Alone, life is a mystery; together, it is whatever we make it about,

We can strengthen the positive voices that whisper, silence the negative ones that shout.

Poetry for the reality, story writing for the fantasy,

It is true what they say, art fulfils nature's deficiency.

That is my credo, for with him, I didn't need a shove,

Like I said Art to Heart, I had already fallen in love.

- Shavalee Johnson

I can relate

When love turns to hate

you know I can relate

it pulls at the soul

you are no longer whole.

Yes you never expected

how love can be misdirected

when you let down your guard

oh no its not hard

to open up completely

and stand fearlessly

in love

no hate

in love

no hate

whatever it is I can relate.

- Antoinette Jarrett