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Dark Shadows

Published:Sunday | July 12, 2015 | 7:00 AMKenneth Grant

Our entertainment was to go next door and watch TV until di people dem ready fi lack up and guh a dem bed. Now we did live inna one lane and our fren "whofa" TV we did love fi watch did live pan di main road. Dem last name was McGregor, but we use to call di big son Johnny, and him brother Turru. Yu did have Khan and Louis to, but dem did likle so wi neva play much wid dem.

Now pan a Friday night is like yu deh a Carib, yu nuh. Di people dem house pack up a youngsta from de area. Who fi sidung pan step deh deh, who lean up a corner stan up deh, and who come late stan' up a back outta door. Poor Missa Mac, sometimes mi feel sey dat him woulda waan fi guh ah him bed but because him nuh want wi fi feel bad, him put up wid di crowd ah him doorway.

Well one Tuesday night, mi find myself alone sidung pan di step a watch Dark Shadows. Now Dark Shadows was a wicked duppy movie and nuff big people nevva love fi watch it. Nuh wanda everybody did gaan a dem bed early leave me alone. All the same, me use fi turn my head when di duppy a go bite di man or woman. Me did 'fraid but use to gwaan like mi brave and tough.

Now afta di show finish and Turru dem lack dem door, mi head home through di gate and towards di lane. This was about midnight, and as mi reach di top a di lane, mi head suddenly feel like it swell 10 times. When mi look down di pitch-black lane weh mi have fi go, mi sure sey is a man mi see stan' up next to di zinc fence. Mi nearly turn round and pick up mi foot and run like mi hear news. Mi start wanda how mi ago pass dis man fi go inna mi yard now. Not a dog in sight, mi alone pan di road, Turru dem lock up and gaan a dem bed, weh mi a go do. Den mi memba sey when yu nuh want duppy fi falla yu, just tun yu roll and walk backways into yu house.

Me cannot tek my eye dem off dis man because him not even a move, him stiff like statue. A wanda if a trick him a try fi trick mi? Anyway, mi musta up some courage and dash down di lane pass di man, fly through di gate and start knock down di door fi mi brother dem open it.

The next morning when mi wake up and walk out a di lane, mi suddenly rememba as mi see it, the tree stump leaning out of the fence.