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We are men!

Published:Sunday | August 16, 2015 | 8:00 AMCandice Coombs

The wind blowing loudly against the glass panes in the darkness of the night was the only sound in the room along with the rapid beating of Selina's heart. It was pounding against the walls of her lungs causing her to take short gasps of air as the ache in her chest grew stronger. Selina drew her blanket tightly around her as she shivered in bed not because of the cold, but the looming shadow outside her window that seemed to double in size the longer she looked at it.

With eyes squeezed shut, Selina repeated the only words of the Bible she knew, the 'Our Father Prayer'. Upon opening her eyes, she looked across to the window and to her surprise, the latch seemed to jiggle, slowly at first, then more vigorously as if someone was desperately trying to get in.

Selina thought this scene was a figment of her imagination, nonetheless, she tried to scream, but her voice got caught in the depths of her throat. She tried to move, but her legs became stiff with terror, so she was forced to sit helplessly with her legs drawn to her chest and watched as the shadow climbed through her bedroom window.

The shadow slowly wandered up to her bedside in the stillness of the night where a wild-eyed Selina looked on. The figure seem to reach out to her and Selina threw a pillow which went right through it; after all, it was only just a shadow.


With all the willpower she could muster, Selina leaped towards the open bedroom door and dashed through it. She glanced back only to see the dark form at her heels, so close that she could smell and feel its icy breath, and the hairs on the back of her neck rose and urged her on.

Selina screamed her mother's name, relived to get her voice back, but it seemed no other living thing was in the house. She ran down the dimly lit, narrow hallway between plastered walls and closed doors towards the carpeted stairs where she fell down the 24 steps.

With pain throbbing in her head and warm blood oozing down her forehead, the fear and horror struck Selina that she should keep moving, as fast as she could away from this monstrous shadow. She ran towards the front door and flung it open. A surprised Selina stood in the doorway and beheld the sight of what used to be her lovely front yard. It was now a dark cemetery with pale graves and large black bats flying around.

Selina took a quick look behind her and saw the shadow lunging towards her with outstretched arms. Without thinking, she ran forward and stumbled into a large black hole. She felt as if she were suffocating, falling into endlessness. As the darkness swallowed her soul, Selina drifted into unconsciousness.

After what seemed an eternity, Selina opened her eyes and there she was back in her room curled up on the floor next to her mother who was holding an ice pack on her forehead. Her mother stared down into Selina's white face and told her that she was having a bad dream and fell off the bed. Selina looked about with wide eyes. She tried to sit up but the pounding in her head brought her head right back on to her mother's lap.

With a faint smile, Selina silently thanked God that it was only just a dream.