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Published:Sunday | September 6, 2015 | 9:00 AM
World 100 metres champion, Jamaica's Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, displays her gold medal at the presentation ceremony.
Jamaica’s victorious 4x100m team of (from left) Nesta Carter, Asafa Powell, Nickel Ashmeade and Usain Bolt.
Kerron Stewart (right) cheers on Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce in the heats of the women's 4x100m relay. Jamaica won the final. Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Black lives matter!


Listen quietly,

Do you hear the sounds?

Sounds of people shouting that their lives matter.

Whose lives matter?

Black lives matter!!

Screams of racial profiling

And hate crimes against us.

We are seen differently. Why is that so?

Is it because our complexion is darker than snow?

We are not targets and by history you should have known. A far back we can go and it will show that we are the victims, not the aggressors.

Why do you hate us? My generation doesn't know, not even the ancestors before us know.

All black men are judged!!

If they don't wear a suit and tie, most of us are not even seen in the public eye.

The rest of us are only heard and spoken of when we die.

Somehow it seems like we are back in Jim Crow's days, when we, as blacks, are hunted as preys. We are no longer slaves,

so why does modern colonialism continue to widen its pace

History has a funny way of repeating itself, somehow it seems like racism is slowly but surely retaking its precedence.

Today in the land of the brave and the home of the free, black lives are cut short on a scale of one too many.

You read it in the paper you see it on the news,

even the land of wood and water is feeling the same blues.

All this senseless killing needs to stop, not just a certain degree. So I say to you, whoever you may be, black lives matter!

- Xavier Frazer


Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: The Sprint Icon


A diminutive young woman

Beaming bright in the twilight of the night

Unperturbed, fully composed

As she hits the road

For she was the one to beat

In an enthralling contest in the Bird's Nest

A lightning start and she was off the mark

Arms pumping to and fro she was on the go

Racing with the best of the best

With all the skills she possessed

Sprinting with all her might, doing it right

This Monday night

Surging to the front of a star-studded field

As her spirit yield

Leaving all contenders in her wake

A perfect race on a perfect day

This incredible day

Punching the air in victory

And the rest is history

A woman who dares to dream

And lives to live that dream

A heroine in her time and for all time

A sprint icon born Jamaican

- Ferdinand Boyd


Tribute to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce


On your mark, get set, go!

Neither shy, timid, nor slow.

Launch from the starting block

Like frightened birds in their flocks

Eyeballs almost protruding from their socket

Is our own speedy Pocket Rocket.

Those behind her will always try in vain

To come close or even past the already launched plane

From her high school days

She always had her classmates amazed

That one so small in stature

Could command this type of respect and admiration

From both classmates and teacher.

So it came as no surprise that with hard work, discipline, focus and an attitude of do or die

And world appeal and allure

One can then understand why

She has become one of GraceKennedy's ambassadors.

- Errol McKenzie


Tribute to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce


Entering the gates of Wolmer's Girls

Shelly-Ann was one of the first names I heard

Every year at sports day she toyed with our emotions

Taking her house to numerous victory celebrations

She surprised the world at Olympics time

Soon enough she became our nation's golden girl, in all her shine.

Her personality makes her even more lovable

Fastest out of the blocks she is always unstoppable

Having God at the centre of all she does

She continues to capture the hearts of the world

One gold medal at a time.

Small in body but big in determination

She got our attention and continues to lead us in golden jubilation

Watch her shine

Watch her capture gold each and every time

The label of her humble beginnings

She has evolved into a successful woman

Hair salon and cafÈ she is an amazing entrepreneur

A true role model to our Jamaican girls.

Continue to shine

Doing your best each and every time

Not 1 or 2 but 3 times she holds the world title

A true Jamaican sprint icon.

- Saccheen Laing




It was to be

The showdown of the Championships,

Multiple orgasm on his rÈsumÈ

Leading up to Beijing the American,

Premature the calls

Delayed excitement can cause frustration,

Some say selfish impatience.

Anticipation can lead

To escalated exuberance and PE,

Ask the doctor called Usain Saint Leo,

Who knows about patient steady

Build up,

Gradually work with four and five play

Then she will get in the mood,

No rush until the time is right.

Some pundits called it early

Gatlin was the man,

In shape and on form,

Was it a cat-and-mouse thing?

Or Premature E versus Delayed E,

She could not wait for the Bird's Nest

To scream and shout the gong,

Months of pent-up emotions

Was about to explode on the track,

If she was not released,

Someone might implode,

So the starter sent them off

And she started to shiver and shake,

Gatlin still looked like the man

Until she started to scream and scratch,

He seemed flustered in the face

It was only part way in the race,

Bolt, like the true Jamaican stallion,

Glide through the tape with a final thrust,

As a nation climaxed together in Half-Way Tree.

- Kenneth Grant

We are naturally sprinters

The world sprint factory is Jamaica

But the sprinters are not


We are sprinters

Naturally sprinters

We are born this way

Some have long legs

Some have short legs

That move with flying speed

With hard work and dedication

We show the world that we are great

No yellow yam

No coco

No dasheen make us sprint the way

we do

It's just that we are gifted

Naturally gifted

This is how we manage the track

We need no dope to manage

- V . O. Ricketts

From the heart of a mother

Your pain is mine though you don't know my name!

We share kindred bonds because we went through 'baby pain'

My tears start flowing as I heard the news,

Another child shot dead by the hand of some crew!

Oh God! Oh God!

I hear you cry,

Why? Oh why did my child have to die?

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus! You are a Friend

To all of these our little children!

So, why like this their lives had to end?

On you for strength we now have to depend!

Their dreams and aspirations are now gone!

I am burdened with pain as I must go on.

I hear you say in deepest anguish!

Justice and punishment for the perpetrators I wish.

My God! My God! I feel forsaken,

As from my life, your blessing was taken!

Dear God, I pray this simple plea

Grant us comfort and peace as we strive to heal!

"Meet me at the Monument"

Let us pray and reflect

As we plead to God our children to protect!

- Winsome Heron-Fearon