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Breathe life into your writing

Published:Friday | November 27, 2015 | 8:14 AM

We are just shy away from closing off yet another year. What are you reflecting on at this time? Are you spending time reflecting on what you have lost, didn't accomplish, failed at, procrastinated on, or on buried dreams? At this point, it makes no sense spending more time wasted on what you didn't accomplish. Day always follows night. You can always start over. You can always pick up where you left off.

Here are a few tips to starting over for those of you who have been burying those written projects.

n Now is a great time to dig up those old writings and reminisce. I myself started. You know, the spring cleaning, as they say, and wow, did it bring back memories! Lots of ideas I started and either never gave life to, or gave some life to but left for dead. Get back into digging into that old stuff! Dust it off and relive the emotions that once got you excited; but this time, don't put them back! Give them life for 2016!

n The best time to start is now, they say. It is best to start at the beginning, even though you don't know where to begin. Just start! I know it's hard, given the cool weather we are experiencing now. All you want to do is curl up and have a warm drink. No problem. Just do it with a notepad and pen in your hand or your phone (which you don't ever do without!), or a tablet - whichever is easier to get you working at that manuscript again.

n It's that time of year when socials are the in-thing to do. Call over some friends and have some eats and drinks. Make it an activity to share and honestly express those things that you always wanted to do but didn't, or didn't complete but would love to finish. Make a pact with your friends to buddy up as accountability partners to see your dreams and goals through.

n Set a deadline. You have heard of SMART goals. You become more accountable and committed when you set a timeline. Also, it is only a wish if you don't write it down. Make your goal a reality by speaking it into being, visualising it on your dreamboard, and sharing it openly with others. That way, you know others are looking to you and at you to make it a

reality, and you will now become an example to follow.

n Don't bite off more than you can chew. Probably that's what made you bury your ideas in the first place - taking on too much. Try to do a little every day. Consistency is key. Try to work at your projects at the same time each day. This creates a habit. After a while, like about three weeks of doing this, you will feel uncomfortable if you don't do it.

A few people have been

reaching out to me with the same challenge that I speak of in this article - having loads of ideas, written work, and just not seeing it through - but they managed to get in contact with me and, boy oh boy, are they on fire now!

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