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Published:Sunday | December 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Ackee and saltfish


Is Dis Crismus

Di eating of the Turkey

Di Gobbling down of Pork when yu jerkey

Church get a beating because yu shirkey

Is dis Crismus

Is Dis Crismus

Santa Claus and Mistletoes

Man haffi hussle yu know how it goes

But a likkle bit of Religion I suppose

Is Dis Crismus

Is Dis Crismus

Di side walk it overflows

Shoppers stepping on each others toes

And where to walk God only knows

Is Dis Crismus

Is Dis Crismus

Di Booze and the Parties flow

Di Night skies all aglow

Di music keeps the revellers on tip toe

Is Dis Crismus

Is Dis Crismus

The one whose birth It's all about

Marginalised or completely left out

And yet many feel that there's no doubt

That they are celebrating Christmas

And then Christ comes along

And as he views the maddening throng

He says with sadness something's fundamentally wrong

For God's sake, Look at me I AM CHRISTMAS

- Errington Johnson



Yaad food

Wi call wi bless lickle ilan

Jamaica, Yaad

'I bless 'i bless wid whole

heap a ting

A jus wi fi tek care a 'i

An wen 'i come to food

Wi bless wid 'i bad bad

Ef yu tink a lie mi a tell

Goh dung a Currination Maakit

an si weh mi mean

Food dung deh gallore

An wen 'i come to cooking food

Yaad people nooh how fi dweet

Mek mi tell yu dis

Yu si how peas rice

Cook wid yaad native coconat


Season wid scellian thyme an

Scotch bannit peppa an cook prappally

Yu noh waan nutten wid face

yeye ar tail fi eat wid 'i

How 'i nice

Truh listen mi

Some people seh

Caameal a daag food

But dat a belly full taak

fi dem

When hi come to caameal an

green gongoo

Cook wid wid native coconat

milk an cook prapally

All yu need fi eat wid hi

A some good steam calallue

Ar schew chicken

An a cool glass a Blue Mountain

Peak wata

Yaad good nice

Mi seh

Mek mi tell yu

Wen hi come to schue peas

Any meat yu waan eena hi

Yaad people nooh fi cook hi tase good

Das wen done eat yu doan

drink nutten fi tek di tase oouta yu mout

An di red peas gongoo peas an vegetable

Yaad people nooh fi cook hi real good

Mi caan lef out di nice tappi a paas

Di same ting wi call run dung

Cook wid native coconat milk

wid lickle natta fi gi 'i lickle culla

An since shad an salt herrin

tek weh demself

Salt fish still mek 'i nice

An roase bretfruit ar bwile

banana a di right timg fi eat

wid hi

Yaad food nice mi seh

Yaad food mek yu laaf

Yaad food mek yu daance

Yaad food mek yu jump

Yaad food mek yu happy

Soh people a braad

Oonoo fi come a yaad

Come tase yaad food how

'i nice

- V.O.Ricketts


A sensuous Christmas

Do you feel the Christmas breeze, gently blowing in the trees?

Well, look at the Christmas tree, with the fairy

Then listen to the carols and the bells,

The sounds of Christmas they tell

Now touch the velvety bracts of the poinsettias red

Taste the pudding

Do you smell the ham?

Say 'Merry Christmas' to someone

- Emma-June Bell


Lonely Soul

Here I am in this great big world.

Looking my best,

Doing things to make people laugh.

Always giving a helping hand.

People wish they were me but,

Only because they don't know that deep down inside of me.

I am a lonely soul wondering this world,

Seeking what they all have.

A loving, careing, and supportive family.

- Prince Daley


How Dare you!

How dare you behave like you are important?

You are completely out of line.

Who authorised you to work hard and achieve recognition?

Have you lost your mind?

Who are you to display self respect or honesty?

What's so plausible about being kind?

Who told you to stick to it?

Persistence is resented, stop it!

Where do you get off being invaluable?

Principle centred, why bother with all of that?

It's purposeless to be committed,

You will never earn anything like that.

Why strive for integrity and self-awareness?

Accolades and praises don't belong to you.

Aiming for interdependence?

Really now, but look at you.

Submitting not to heartrending failure,

What's the point in all you do?

Go with the crowd, just take it easy.

This abundance does not include you.

Selflessness is outdated, values are pointless, how true?

Destined for greatness you said,


Well go for it.

I dare you!

- Simone P. Graham



Though I haven't seen you since

The love (and agony) -

Remains the same.

Though I haven't seen you,

I've heard your voice,

Felt your sympathy for me

Like warm hands,

Touch my heart.

Though I mustn't be

More than just your friend,

I would still be loving you -

Wrapped in someone else's arms,

Crying on someone else's shoulders,

Smiling into someone else's eyes.

Though I must forget you,

I can't forget-

Your name,

Your smile,

Your rugged outlook on this life;


Though I'll try,

I know I won't forget

That part of me

That's buried deep inside of you,

Though you don't know it's there.

- S. E. Williams



Time is moving so fast

Every minute every second the present move back into the past

Time is moving so fast mi caan si the future so mi Wanda if it pass

Some people future is behind them, it sound funny but a true

Cause where dem seh dem want fi reach in life

Long-time dat deh stage di present pass thru

Some people exist in the present but still a live in the pass

That identify why some people still a ride horse

Some people think time run out on them

Dem hopeless, but dem time nuh come yet, dem clueless

If dem have patience with a lot of faith and wait

Dem at an advantage to merge with time at its right pace

Time is moving faster and faster

It now reach to Usain it move pass Asafa

No wanda dem seh time is the masta

My analogy of time is to utilise it when yu get it

Don't sit down and wait on anything specific

Cause remember, yu caan move before time

And time nah wait fi yu, so yu haffi merge with time

Then time is up to you.

- William Bryan Faulknor