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Published:Sunday | December 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lady Saw

What the LADY SAW

A "Rising Star" in the constellation of success,

nevertheless, The "son" eclipsed cast a shadow on the reality

Of the to be or not to be

In the context of the 21st century

then a light from heaven shone on the darkened scene

And a new perspective dawned on the essence of things

And the universal longings transfixed within the inner space

Of every single person within the human race,

of the consciousness of not that which is

but, that which can become

Focused the thoughts and the desire for home

And so we rejoice and reflect with awe

At the sum and substance of what the lady saw

- Errington Johnson


That time of year

It is that time of year

When night falls suddenly

Like a weary traveller

Casting aside his staff

And quickly sits upon a stump

To rest his weary feet.

It is that time of year

When ground doves gingerly walk

Upon the freshly ploughed earth

To find the worms uprooted

From the farmer's ploughed land.

That time when the sun's heat

Falls pleasantly upon the farmer's back

When he bends down

To place the plants into the ground,

"Old woman's sun", they call it.

Life flows pleasantly by

No thought of fear or hatred

Find a hiding place within our hearts

For man with nature binds himself

And in contentment

Finds a life of peace.

- Otis May Wills


'Tis the season

This Christmas

Families from far and near

Gather all around to bring Christmas cheer

'Tis the season

That time of year

When not only the gifts

But our hearts we do share

'Tis the season

It comes with a sense of peace

Amid the cool Christmas breeze

Willing hearts to give with ease

It feels like our joy can never cease

While we pray for those in need

Under the tree

the gifts enthrall


Wrapped with colours bright

Carolling fills the air

And pepper lights twinkle in the night

'Tis the season

As we remember the reason is Christ

'Tis the season

To give to those less fortunate

And reflect on how we have all been blessed

From my heart to yours

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year

When it comes

- Charmaine Wallace



One moment sunshine smiling through puffy balls of cotton clouds

Floating on angels' wings

Then in the blink of an eye

The afternoon sky pulls down her dark grey curtains

Tall, dark columns fill the summer sky

Shattering lightning

The clanking, loud, outburst of thunder roaring across the sky

Mother Nature at her worst

That strange, familiar, earthy aroma permeates the air

Raindrops tickling my nostrils

It's almost here!

- Wayne Campbell


God speaks

The Honourable Portia Simpson Miller is right,

we really do need to "hear" from God

to plot our journey and path

when others want to shut us up, keep women silent.

God will talk with us and listen to us! ALL the same letters, e, i,l,n,s,t, but

God restructures the dialogue and agenda

Part of the reason in this season

Why the people get so frantic is because of the closure of schools, offices and places of business.

So where do they have to hustle? in the wide-eyed hunger of their children

The stark reality of homelessness, empty fridges and cold ground take on new meaning

As it has been all the year, the days won't make a difference

They have no "vacation leave" or "holidays" nor "shopping days"

But all the more painfully aware as there is no "work place" to hide behind their suffering

This is why the silly seasons are not so silly

Many people in remote areas will be visited by absent politicians and old ladies are overjoyed, because some pastors haven't yet got the vision or have "heard" from God to buy a bus to with dignity transport the "core" of their congregations who worship, nor to give the bed-bound, communion in this "Christian" country, Christmas is meaningless to many sure church will be overflowing, so will be offering coffers

And YES the "leadership" will be going to home to "family" dinner

But this is not the reality of the "lumpen proletariat"

Our prime minister is ever so right

we got to get to God somehow

if He does exist in friend and foe

most of the times we simply do not know

no one is asking for a handout

no one is asking to be invited to your home

they only want their own hands to work and their own home

so it is "a time to cry...."

there are a great deal of things that deserve national mourning

"let sleeping dogs lie".

God speaks

Keep the free user fees to go to hospital

the poor need that help

Help the street people sellers, Jamaican investors don't send them and their goods to cellars

this is the manifesto we need

that is why Samuel Sharpe could not stomach oppression

and the sugar of 'plantocracy/slavocracy', when Baptist was a revolutionary title

He died on "yon gallows rather than be a slave!"

last time the money came in one lump sum

this time, Christmas getting some money

and election bag later on when January suffering starts

let us be earthquake ready, every taxi, bus with a first aid kit

stock up on tin food

national day of earthquake simulation, active manifestation!

God is always right, There is a time to wait...." They that wait upon the Lord

shall renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles... they shall run and

not be weary, they shall walk and not faith"

Some Hope!

It had to take the prime minister to give Jamaica the best sermon ever!

God bless The Honourable Portia Simpson Miller

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson