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Effective studying and best practices

Published:Friday | January 1, 2016 | 12:58 AM

Technology has vastly improved over the last decade. News travels within seconds, information is at our fingertips, but there are still some traditional practises that are followed universally. Students, if you plan to further your studies outside of Jamaica, here are some best practises that you should imbibe. 

I am sharing four tips that can guide you in your quest for knowledge.

1. JOURNALING and NOTE TAKING - Develop good study habits on taking notes. Writing helps retention of information. Visual and kinesthetic learners sometimes must write to understand a concept but it is a great practice for anyone to use. Carry and use a notebook, save core content material from previous years to use as a reference such as Languages, Science and Mathematics. 

2. RELY ON TRUSTED RESOURCES: When doing research online, be very careful on which sources you get the information from. Websites that have .EDU, .GOV are reliable resources when doing term paper research. Nowadays technology users have to determine if the resource is trusted or a hoax. Now that information can spread within seconds, we have to ensure that it reliable and trust worthy.

3. BE COMPETITIVE - READ READ READ. Reading is very powerful and will increase your vocabulary, your knowledge base and help you to think critically. Libraries are great places to visit to check out novels; even in this day and age of smart everything and touch screens, books have their place and relevance. Visit the libraries regularly to gain insightful information. Instead of purchasing books why not borrow books to save you money.

4. DETOX from technology - sometimes we are consumed with it, our education becomes no longer a priority. Create a routine that allows you to put the cell phone, tablet and computer away and focus on the goal ahead. Develop good study habits, push yourself and keep shining like a gem.
There are no short cuts to success, take your time, believe in yourself and go out there to achieve your goals.

- The author is Florida based educator with over 17 years of experience in high school and tertiary teaching. Jamaica-born, Marica is passionate to broaden the horizon and help the students in the region to advance their education internationally. She can be contacted at marica.mitchell@gmail.com