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Published:Sunday | January 3, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Happy 2016

A New Year can be filled with happy thoughts

Saying words that can only be expressed in poetic form

It's that time when you get to share much warmth

Or grieve over the past

It's a time for new beginnings

Because the past no longer matters

A time to chill alone

The absent lover

Making resolutions

As December fades away

Creating solutions

Praying for brighter days

It's the end of an era

Where the fool-hearted got wasted

Earth ages

Lifestyles relaxed

And morals collapsed

Crime surged

And hopes were dashed


The future is rife with possibilities

Buoyed with expectancies

2015 was no kinda ordinary

Void of opportunities

We hope 2016 will be extraordinary

And as our thoughts become more clear

With midnight knocking on doors everywhere

We celebrate

With fireworks

Wine and good cheer

We give thanks for this, a New Year

Blessings and harmony

Peace and Love to Everyone


Happy 2016

It's a brand New Year

- Charmaine Wallace

Colour of Senses

Know your passions and live them through

Imagine a world that's not black and white - well, we live in it

As I sit on the beach let me share what I see so you can also be in it:

Drone flying and kids playing

Waves breaking and waves crashing

Palms swaying and boats sailing

Birds flying and patrons swimming

Baby crying and man floating

Vodka drinking and airplane passing

Jamaican flag sailing and crab running.

We live in a world of action

You, yes you, go create your own satisfaction!

Yellow green and black of the Jamaican flag

Red white and green lights flashing on the passing plane

Green blue alterations of the Caribbean Sea

Lush green hills overlooking hotels standing with twinkling white and yellow lights

Clouds grey and clouds white

Heavenly mixture of the colours in the sunset

The colours of caution - red and white "no diving, 3 feet deep"

Red blue purple yellow all make up the Blu

The white and blue of the beach chairs have to be in the mix too

As from it I sit and blessed with a lot of words - not just a few

With every splash the blue green Caribbean Sea, it becomes white

It's now night

As visibility declines - something inclines

God's work of art shows in its marvel - water particles gushing in the wind

Particles white as a smog of smoke passing through the air

Time to leave draws near

What to see soon is a busy town where my feeling of safety is no more - what takes over is fear

Yes, I'll cruise on the pedals and drive with care

This poem now ends, as this beach side is now too cold!

Take my word, on these words - I'll do this again before I'm old.

- Sandre O. Lowers

Love finds its own

Funny how love

finds its own course

like water breaking through steel


true saying, all inclusive proverb

eyes across the distance

the chasm

you are brave

my hero

march on

mach on

mighty man of valour

with some serious backbone

right on the topic

we pray that overwhelming sorrow

does not overwhelm

mighty God

see and save your son

God Complex or no

it is a real man by your side when you need one is justice itself

the coin has two sides and rolls on its side

even though the speech was well rehearsed

funny how love finds its own

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson

Ganja release


Dem move di restriction

An release ganja

Jah rastafari

Ganja release

Rasta man glad seh ganja


A lang lang time rasta a wait

fi dis

Jah rastafari

Ganja release

Come wi goh chant

Come wi goh chant

Ganja release

Man glad seh ganja release

Im tap a police station

Wid ganja eena im position

A ask police fi im direction

By police explanation

Him eena a bad situation

Jah rastafari

Ganja release

But ganja noh free

Two ounce fi wan man

Five tree fi wan man

Acres a tree fi wan nedda

set a man

Dis noh rite pan jah lan

Let freedom flow

Das wi caan plant ganja

Ganja release

Ganja release

But ganja noh free

Noh free

Noh free

Jah rastafari

Ganja noh free

-V.O. Ricketts

So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas

It's here again

This extra special time we can spend with family and friends

The music, the gifts, the love and the sorrel blend

Oh, how I wish Christmas could come every morning again and again

A change in the weather Mr. Christmas brings along,

With such cold soft Christmas breeze.

The turkey, the ham and rice and gungo peas

I just can't get enough of times like these

Mr. Christmas gave my little sister exactly what she needed

Sending His only begotten Son through a virgin

And it is here on Earth he would be planted

To live, to eat, to preach and comfort the broken hearted

All these things and so much more is why this is Christmas

- Roshain R. Greensword


Yeh, ih deh yah.

Some man a ring out di year, but a who care?

Some a halla christmus while di prices tan up

Yes it awnn yah,

Guys a push election some inna vexation for dem a ring in di new but a nuh true.

Yeh it deh yah -

Power cut and bad road man deh yah -

If u caan buy de meddie buy di food, for di choice a di health or di belly.

When u cant pay di rent buy di rice, for di food a di staaf af di life.

Chicken back and tin mack wow ih nuff, for di fowl flying out a wi touch.

Wow ih deh yah,

Pressure tun up pan a man fi deliver -

Bad man inaa drought fi hole a dalla, das why man a claim dem a nigger.

Under age a hold babes for another man,

while every day a pass dem empty hand.

Yep it deh yah, some a ring out di old but iz a game, for as ih turn 16 man inna pain.

Seh is a shame, how a holiday a meck a man vain for every

Yeye get blind by di season, an every gripe fi year turn merry.

Dem a ring out di new but fi who?

- Homer Sylvester


I took Your time

and used it mine

Now I have nothing good to show.

I rejected

and was brazen enough

to try to go my life alone

but spiritually, so young

I had no clue, just what King Jesus could do.

Sinful addictions, veiled serious convictions

idols of different kinds

That cunning devil in the dark

whispering and showing the splendor of the world.

But mighty God You heard my cry

heard my sighs, aye

only You mighty God could change me

without breaking my spirit.

The time, the time, if I had known

I would have given it to You.

- Nicole N. Watson