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Published:Sunday | January 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Alton Ellis

Woman's Plastic Surgery vs God's Creation (part 1)

The Bible says our body is a temple,

A holy one that we should cherish

The moment you try to change it,

A curse befalls upon you to inevitably perish.

In the sight of God,

The Bible says we are already perfectly made,

So why do you try to remake yourself?

God's handiwork of creation you try to invade.

He is our creator,

Who granted us his image of heavenly perfection,

But MISS! You defy that with make-up and modernised injection,

You take risks to recreate yourself better,

It's a God vs Man contest,

And for what?! Just so you can have soulless inflated breast?!

Hello ma'am, didn't God already perform surgery on you?!

And you know this is not a fib,

Genesis 2:22, God gave you Adam's rib,

Obviously that wasn't enough,

You've dispatched yourself from the righteous clergy,

Are you even human anymore?

Filled with air and cotton from plastic surgery!

You undergo pain, that could kill,

And inflate your body parts with pharmaceutical pills,

You volunteer to have you body sliced up,

So that you can have a thicker thigh and wider hips,

And injecting chemicals so you can have silicone lips.

You were made in the beautiful garden of Eden,

There were no needles or cotton swab,

Yet you chose to be an experiment in doctor X's lab,

Just so you can look bulgy and plump,

You are like a stuffed doll,

With all that synthetics in your rump.

Inevitably your temple

Begins to crumble from surgical poisoning and

Weakness for it has been defected,

We all must die one day,

But God will not recognise you,

And you will be rejected ...

For this wasn't the image he had erected

- Fabian Gabay