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Selection of poems from our readers

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM

A woman without a man

A woman without a man is like Eve without Adam

A prayer without faith and empty, lonely days

Having a man creates endless possibilities

And countless opportunities

He provides love and affection

Much-needed appreciation and attention

A woman without a man is quite sad

Like the ocean without the sand

The desert without water

Hope that shatters

Not experiencing love

When it really matters

A woman without a man

Is like a bird without a chirp

An eagle without a soar

A lion without a roar

Unsure of what to do

When there is no one to share the obstacles you go through

And no one to say

'I love you'

A woman without a man

Is like a ship without a sail

A dog without its tail

And words sometimes fail

When your heart yearns to have him near

Sometimes, life can be so unfair

A woman without a man

Is like being out in the cold

With no one to care, to have and to hold

It's like living without a plan

I simply cannot understand

Why a woman would choose to be without a man

Charmaine Wallace