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Published:Saturday | February 13, 2016 | 11:02 PM

Bitten by the love bug

Teeth of love sunken into my being.

Like needles penetrating the skin,

Transforming me into a love angel.

No ordinary feeling, extremely powerful.

Love fluidly runs through my veins.

Turning every crevice of my body into vessels of love.

My soul has been empowered by love.

My very existence is a product of love.

I have been bitten by the love bug!

And the bite is surprisingly sweet and satisfying.

Not aggressively annoying like the bites of mosquitoes or red ants.

This bite is sensationally stimulating to the core.

My love level leaps into the air,

Spreading like an airborne epidemic;

Touching loveless hearts of stones.

Once bitten, always smitten.

There is no cure, just a life giving endless love.

- Erika Heslop Martin

The Love Inside

To say I love you seems so ordinary

These are words I say to you every day

They are not particularly extraordinary

Today, I want to say it in a different way

I want to be the reason you'll never walk away

I want you here

Today, and for every Valentines Day

My bowels are heavy

But not just with love

I want to be that voice

Like the one you hear from above

I want to heighten your emotions

And awaken your senses

Like the aroma from the Earth

Or the scent of the flowers

After the morning dew

I want to be your calm

After the storm

I want to ignite your passion


I will speak

When you're lost for words

Of expressing your endearment and love

I will be your wings

When you're too weak to fly

I'll feed you

With manna from the sky

I will be your gravity when cannot stand

I'll hold you down

With my outstretched hands

I will be your oxygen

When you cannot breathe

I'll keep you alive

I will be the reason

Your heart beats on the inside

I will stimulate you in the morning, when you rise

Like the first sip of coffee

Taking you to new heights

I will be your flavoured toffee

As we float with the tide

I will drown you in my love

With just a whisper

Or from the touch of my tongue

I will displace your reality

With a ravenous hunger for my body

As I caress you

And quench your insatiable thirst for clarity.

I want the sight of me

And the whiff of my scent

Send unspoken, yet shouted signals to your mind

And so you'll understand

That on this special day

You are all mine

I want us to be lost in time

Where our hearts burst with

Longing and passion

In an unspeakable fashion

I want to be powerfully addictive

All natural

No preservatives

As you begin to understand

The awakened,

Yet tempered power of your woman

For you, I will walk a mile

Now I can say

"I love you"

With so much pride

Tell me

Can you feel the love inside?

Happy Valentine Day

- Charmaine Wallace

Salt-and-Pepper Hair

He's suave, with style

His presence makes me smile

My Valentine in my mind

He had me at black and white

The colours of his hair

I blush whenever he's near

I don't glance, I stare

I'm lovesick, to be fair

With his salt-and-pepper hair!

It's all natural, no dye

Beautiful hair, oh my!

I must stroke it, to test

I dared to ask

He said Yes

Silky and smooth to the touch

Am I in love or lust?

And so thick

A glass of water please, quick!

My preference is clear

I'm attracted to salt-and-pepper hair

Idiosyncrasy, they call it

It gets my attention, I admit

Distinguished looking

In my opinion

Today or tomorrow

A man's salt-and-pepper hair has me at hello

Of course, a great personality must follow

- S. Dionne Phillips

Cupid's Ballad (Lonely Soul)

Valentine's day is around the corner,

Cupid is ready to start his annual routine.

Grabbing bow and arrows,

he danced and pranced for the hour.

Yet, I am still the same lonely soul from last year.

his arrows hits innocent hearts,

Now I watch as people kiss and cuddle,

expressing their affections in the park.

No one to receive gift's from,

no one to give them to.

So there's really nothing to look forward to.

Still, I am the same lonely soul from last year.

Cupid keeps shooting me,

With the wrong people.

I don't know why Cupid insists,

I must be stupid.

I learnt from the Grinch how to deflect his arrows

For Cupid with all your arrows

You seem to be the god of pain and sorrows.

- Xavier Frazer

A Valentine Tale

At sunrise fourteen youths set sail

To an islet close to the mainland

It was a day of fun for everyone

Celebrating St. Valentine's Day.

Before sundown the craft set sail

On its journey to home and family

But angry winds overwhelmed the fragile craft

Scattering the youths to the raging sea

Less than a mile from shore.

The merciless ghouls of the treacherous sea

Embraced their youthful bodies

In a firm unyielding grasp

With a slithering hold upon them

Rocked their unsuspecting souls to eternal sleep.

From the shore as night descended

Fearful, tearful people stared

Unseeing at the sea

Staring in helpless anguish

At the rolling waves.

Staring with eyes not perceiving

Staring with lips gently moving

Who could tell

Whether in curse or prayer

Soon, six wave-lashed stragglers

Landed on the shore

Then shouts of joy rend the air

But that joy almost turn to despair

For the demanding sea

Not content to cares and set them free

Claimed eight to keep his company.

For the wind and wave were merciless

The wind and wave was relentless

The wind and wave was unforgiving

The wind and wave was unyielding

Many hearts are now broken

Many words in anguish spoken

Countless shattered dreams

Lay buried beneath the restless waves.

Many families grieve

A nation mourns

For the eight who never returned.

- Otis-May Wills


Falling in Love

we don't know

why we "fall" in love

it catches us by surprise

that is why we "fall"...

if not we would runaway

it came to me quite by surprise in the middle of the day

with "Standoff" blasting

Laurence Fishbourne masked mercenary staring ...

(we women seem to have a great capacity

for the "bad man" the Barabbas

leaving behind Christ

we have an affinity to chains, ropes, bondage


from the Princess to the Professor

we give them "props"... we love dem...)

and then they came in...

Sunday Evening in Exquisite Restaurant

Greater Portmore...

...cute couple

communicating by cell

it took us a little while to realise

the complexity of the hearing impaired

their silence shattering the automatic rifle sound of

the movie in the background

he spoke ordering the meal, she responding

texting something to him on the mobile

when she handed him to read

the debate continued

with more hand signals

and sign language between the two


they smiled

we cried, tears of joy enjoying the live spectacle of love


it is these scenes

that make you fall in love

without reason

when we are together the rest of the world does not matter

we are into some deep communication that only the two of

us understand

Love is there

and love is real

(c) Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson



When you asked me if I loved you and I said no.

I lied, I don't know why I did.

But I know that I love you and you know it too.

So why did you ask me that question?

I love you, yes I do.

My love for you erupts like a volcano.

My love for you burns hotter than the burning bush.

My love for you is sweeter than the chocolate

That Cadbury gave to me last night.

I love you, my sweetie pie, my pookie poo.

My love for you stings like the sting of the bee,

And expands after contact.

My love for you is full of ecstasy,

Vibrating through every nerve of my being.

Look into my eyes,

Tell me what you see.

I know you see yourself staring right back at you.

I love you, my eyes love you.

Hug me and feel my body shiver with delight.

Kiss me and my lips burn with fever.

Touch me and the hair stands up on my body.

Say my name and my ears ring like a bell.

I love you can't you tell?

I love you.

I pray for you everyday

And I never stay angry with you for a day.

My voice is the finest thing you'll ever hear.

I whisper tender, loving words so you always care.

My heart beats faster when you are near,

In my life is where you belong my dear.

I love you.

- Erika Heslop Martin