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Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Dear Lord, I know You are busy

Doing Your work up above,

But as a gift for this Valentine's day,

Could You please send me "mi owna man to love"

I am tired of the sharing, living in sin,

The confusion and the strife

I simply want to be mi owna man's wife.

Someone to romance and caress me,

Whisper in my ear

Taking me to the heights of ecstasy,

Without anything to fear

Who can leave his slippers

permanently under my bed,

Whose body I can explore from his toes up to his head.

Nobody who have to watch

clock and leave before daylight

To go home to his "dearly beloved, unloved, miserable wife"

Because I know in Your sight those actions are not right.

In my younger days, I had plenty of chances,

But between Mamma and Granny,

I could not entertain their advances,

Nobody never suit them,

Not the right colour,

too poor,

Not educated enough,

Not from the proper family,

Now them dead and gone to heaven,

Leaving me in misery.

Granny was the worst,

Every man she see me talk to, She say out loud and clear

If the hair can't pass through the comb,

Don't bring him home.

Now I have all the material trappings,

Designer clothes and shoes,

Million dollar executive job,

Well-appointed house with pool,

High upon the hill,

But all of these material things,

My emptiness cannot fill

I have every degree, MBA, FCCA, CPA hanging on my wall,

But now I am older, wiser and so lonely,

Them can't help me at all.

How I would love to exchange my brand new 2016 Audi QQ,

For mi owna, owna man, saying:

"Darling I will always and forever love you."

I now realise that degrees and

material things are not important in my life,

I would much rather simply be a mother and a wife,

Everybody have them crosses, them heartache and them pain

But must I continue to forever wait in vain?

So, Lord, I know You are busy, but I beg You help my plan,

I simply want for Valentine's Day,

Mi owna, owna man.

- Sandra Fraser-Robinson

Love deepens beyond our thinking.

It illuminates our entire being,

Captivates our hearts,

Directs our actions and steers our emotions.

It never fades degrades or disintegrates

It generates affection that can be felt and shared

Near or far beyond boundaries straight from the heart.

Its patience is grand,

Its kindness goes way beyond and projects our thoughts,

Highlights our feelings gladdens our hearts,

Brings melody to our ears,

Refreshes our senses,

Uplifts our spirit and strengthens our courage.

Love's beautiful and glorious touch,

Will penetrate resentment seep through the cracks of hate

And caresses envy.

So tender, warm and soothing as a baby's breath.

Captivating the soul, easing the mind and reassuring the heart.

That is the power of love's miraculous touch.

- Crishna Clarke