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Published:Sunday | March 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I'm going to love you constantly

Love will not change,

Feeling alone like the wind,

Wasting away my future,

Pining for love,

A lost love I can't reclaim,

Unable to break the promise I've made.

Sounds like boredom,

But I have nothing else to live for.

Time can't reverse,

Trying to bring back the past.

I knew if I lost you, I'd die slowly.

Tortured by loneliness,

I've tried everything I can to cope.

No cure for a crushed emotion,

I can't hold out much longer,

I've lost rationality.

Submerged in depression,

I no longer count the years,

It's as if the whole thing is a dream,

But I know I miss you,

And I'm going to love you constantly.

Days feel like years,

No more tears to cry.

Living on the memory,

Fragments of the love you gave me long ago.

Cheeks like roses in the morning,

Dark eyes that tempted,

Lips of fire born with tenderness,

Awkward hugs I've never felt before.

Being with you was what I needed,

Soft words to lift up my heart,

And to know you cared.

You dismissed my strange prediction,

I foresaw love turn hate.

You warned me of the consequence,

Tried to delay the inevitable,

I took a negative approach,

And I knew it would hurt me,

Hurt more than I could bear.

Left in permanent sadness,

I know I'll be without you,

But the mark of your love will not desert me.

You knew the vows I made to your sister,

But my heart ached only for your love.

"I can't tell you what to do."

"Make your own decision."

"Do what's best for you."

That's what you told me,

But I didn't know what it meant.

The situation confused me,

I got what I wanted, but I couldn't keep it.

I loved you so deeply,

I couldn't believe I had you.

I squandered the opportunity of a lifetime.

I've tried repeatedly to reach your heart.

Messages, calls, got no response from you.

I gave up trying a long time ago,

But from time to time, I wonder if you're okay.

Though you ruined my life, love remains.

I'd relive the days with you, if I could.

I'm paying a severe penalty for losing you,

But I'm going to love you,

Love you constantly.

- Marlon Pitter


Full Circle

Another black flag raised

Another unsolved investigation makes the news item

Another week, month and year or mourning

Another candlelight, nine-night and funeral to attend

Another child is parent-less and frightened

Another mother's womb shrieks from shock and despair

Another father weeps

Another community submerged in fear

Another hardened heart eyeing revenge for a fallen brother

Another per-meditated murder thought

Another fatal shooting

Another innocent bystander life snubbed

Another yellow tape

Another bloodstained ground

Another body transported to the morgue

Another sleepless night

And Another black flag raised

- Ravenne Reid


The Mirror

The mirror appears as sleeping fog slips

gently away and falling leaves of misconception

As the smiling serpent slithers from eve -

we look, and so we know silently, naked face to face

emerging upon branches of reality

Slowly choosing we know, opening the mysteries and wonders of God an Apple, holding the scope, devouring our hope

-Homer Sylvester


Wonder what`s Wrong With Jamaica

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the pastor and he will tell you

Too much sinners, we are far from God

And so the devil is having his own way

In our society today

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the teacher and she will tell you

Too much uneducated and illiterate youths

They know not the value of education

In order to make this society a better place

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the police and he will tell you

Too many criminals in our society

Causing a menace to decent citizens

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the employer and he will tell you

These youths are not qualified for employment

Yet they complained about salary

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the politician and he will tell you

That all he sees is just some empty headed voters

To which he makes promises

Never to be fulfilled

Wonder what`s wrong Jamaica?

Ask the voters and they will tell you

That they are still waiting for all those promises

Made by their M.Ps to be fulfilled

Because they only see him once

Every five years

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the tourist and he will tell you

That whenever he visits the island

All he sees, is just another Jamaican

Begging a U.S dollar

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the doctor and he will tell you

That we are some sick people

Badly in need of a cure, yet to be found

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the psychiatrist and he will tell you

That we are some mentally unstable people

With the mind of a sociopath

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the student and he will tell you

That he is unable to learn in an environment

Where his concentration is greatly disturbed

By violence

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the athlete and he will tell you

That all he ever wanted to do

Is run away from the many problems

Pursuing his tracks

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the mechanic and he will tell you

That this country is beyond repair

Wonder what`s wrong with Jamaica?

Let`s ask ourselves and we see nothing wrong

Because we are a people who

Cannot see us with our own eyes

What`s wrong with Jamaica?

Ask the eternal father who is supposed to bless our land

And he will tell you, that we

Have turned away his mighty hand

From guiding us

- Leon Pryce


Splashing dashing!

Chasing you through the pouring rain

Capturing your heart was my only aim

Dark was the path but I followed by heart

Deep holes, slippery were those muddy paths

Am shouting out your name

Yelling for you in mad desperation

But the rain seems to drown my calling

Here come the whistling wind

as the rain pelt against by skin

Water streamed down my face

flow from my chin

I just had to find this sisthren

No clear vision in this rain

But giving up was not an option

Holding you in my arms will be the ultimate satisfaction

Hand shielding my eyes as the thunder roared in the sky

There was a crack of lighten and I heard you cry

If anything should happen to you I would certainly die

Am sweating in this rain

My anxiety I just could not contain

Not sure who is to be blame

Mommy you have a funny way to complain

One that leaves me in pain

Hope there is some healing in this rain

Wherever you are

I know you are angry

But nothing changes your beauty

Any man would envy your dress

Sticking to your awesome curves in ripples

Your heaving breast visible through your sleeve

Launching nipples slashing through your dress

Your hair collapsed on your forehead

Your quivering lips tucked under your teeth

Nude thoughts of you under my sheet

That would somehow let this voyage kind of complete

With my heart in a pit - pit- patter

Anticipating your usual anger

Worst in this fierce weather

Hope this would be a pacifier

Hope the past no longer matter

I wanted to be your armour

Hold you- hold me

Now and foreverrr!

- Garfield Easy


If only

If only money could buy anything

I would buy time

I would buy the control systems for time

I would Rewind time and

go back to that moment

Before I broke your heart

Just before we part.

If only

If only I could control time

I would tell you I love you before

I messed up

I would hold you close and tell you

that I don't ever want to let you go.

If only

If only I could turn back the hands of time

I would share with you my time

And with that time I would do whatever it take

To keep that sweet smile on your face

And I would never make any mistakes.

With time

If only I could buy it all

I would take the time

To design webbed chakra lines to connect and

Enter twine and synchronised our heart beats

I would open the depths on my chakra gates of love

And ensure all frequencies of my soul reacts to the rhythms of

Only your soul.

I would go beyond the gates of the dead

And ask Shakespeare to write

One play, one poem, one quote, one book

That explains how I love you,

Yes! Believe me I would.

As though my actions brings pain

As thought I never understood how a broken heart feels

And what I did brought tears

I love you enough to say cheers

In the arms of another be happy

I send to you my blessings

And Gods love and grace.

But, if only

I could

I would

Control time

- Romaine Anthonio Davy


What works?

what works?

A mini!

it always does

bound to turn all heads

not being the tail

don't care if you wondering what "shift" I working

the mini


it doing a good job

it's called "repacking"

age is always "younger"

in a mini, cut to the chase

keep it short, sweet and spicy!

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson


All For Nought

Nothingness ...

In this world of everything lives an abyss of darkness,

A ubiquitous Jacuzzi of oblivion

Sucking us in

To the point of returning to

Everything that matters.

And where Nothing exists

A bottomless world,

Rotating on an axis of


- Candace McGibbon


The rasta man's flag

How could you want man to trod

Upon the rasta man's flag

How could you want

The poor man

The rich man

The black man

The white man

The happy man

The sad man

To trod

Upon the rasta man's flag

Don't you know it is a symbol

of respect to his king

Why did you lay it down

On the ground

Like carpet on the floor

You disrespected his flag

You bring it down low

You think it would be fine

The rasta man is not blind

You have embarrassed him

You angered him

You enraged him

And he insisted

No one will trod on it

The lights from above shined

down on the red gold and green


It was amazing

The rasta man was infuriated

Is not a joke

It's not an act

He was resolute

Like a soldier he stands at guard

With words like a sharp sword

He cuts through the minds of the


His determination was strong

And he insisted

No one will trod on it

And no one trod on it

No one trod on it

No one trod on it

- V.O.Ricketts