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Hellshire's barking bushes

Published:Sunday | April 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMStephanie Crosdale White and Ta-Jay White

It rained until noon on Sunday, but luckily, everywhere was now dry, it seemed like a spectacular day for the youngsters to enjoy their favourite sport - football at Hellshire Bridge. They all lived in a small housing scheme in Hellshire Heights. They were members of Hellshire Heights Football Club. One that has never lost a tournament in their division, for more than a decade.

Junior, Christophe, and Kevin had gathered at the front of Christophe's house as the boys had made plans to meet for practice.

"A match is coming up. In the Community Junior League there is going to be a clash of clans when we face the Kingston Jaguars on March 19, 2016," said Junior.

"Everybody knows that our team is the better team, unbeatable, number one, a we enuh, a crazy style we a go give them," remarked Kevin.

"Wey we say, Hellshire Bridge!" shouted Christophe.

"Yes, man, yow, see Madhead, Pops, and Tallawah over deh so. Yow, unnu come nuh, a ball we say. Down a bridge we a go man. Forward!" shouted Kevin.

They passed by a majestic gold and white house and the boys were fascinated by it.

"I want to own a house bigger than that one," said Christophe.

"Rumour has it that one of the dons from Braeton own it, and that one of his babymothers lives in that house. Ah think them say she originally from Jamaica but left yard and go live a London from she a pickney, but run wey left London and come back to Jamaica."

"Yow, big man thing!" exclaimed Christophe.

They continued on their journey, laughing and talking as they went along their merry way. They raced each other and finally arrived at the bushes beside the bridge. This was one of their football practice spots. Continuously, the vicious sounds of barking could be heard. It was almost deafening.

"Yow, Madhead, Pops, and Tallawah unnu deh pon one side. We a shirts unnu a skins!" shouted Kevin.

"We a kick off first," said Madhead.

"Alright, yow yute go hold off down deh so," said Pops to Tallawah.

"Open mi dan!" shouted Tallawah.

Madhead kicked the ball with such force and power that it soared over the bushes and rolled down a path in the bushes.

"Nuh worry unnu head, mi will go for it!" said Madhead.

"Yes, man, 'cause mi want know a why you a kick wey di ball!" shouted Christophe to Madhead.

He then dashed after the ball. As he chased after it he heard the barks grow louder and louder.

"Bwoy, them dog yah love bark, bark ehh!" said a nervous Madhead. He then spotted the ball and started scampering towards it. As he was close to the ball he noticed a huge, black, slimy figure. It was stealthily moving beside the ball.

It was a big, black crocodile, and it started running towards Madhead, who started to run towards the others.

Panicked and nervous, Madhead shouted, "Yow, crocodile! Crocodile! Run, run, crocodile! "

The boys started to scamper out of the bushes and towards the street. They ran all the way home and were spotted by Christophe's mother, Ms Angela.

"So why unnu a run so?" asked Ms Angela

"Mommy, we a train, we a train, man. Match soon come up," said Christophe breathlessly.

"Yes, man, we a train fi run from crocodile," whispered Pops.