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The importance of discipline

Published:Saturday | April 30, 2016 | 11:07 PM

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[headline] The importance of discipline

Corine La Font


I read somewhere that no one can teach you discipline. It is something that you have to develop within yourself. You know what needs to be done and just do it. I guess it depends on the level of importance you place on that activity and how it will make you feel when you complete it.

What we need to do is to ask ourselves why do we avoid doing what we need to do? You will find that the answers are really excuses, built on fear or just plain laziness and procrastination.

How can we then develop a sense of discipline?

Accountability partner:

We all know this and have heard it before. So why not implement it? Sometimes the accountability partner also has challenges of following through so you have to source another. Sometimes we have to learn not to depend on others so we have to just man (or woman) up and face the music ourselves and be our own accountability partner. Make your dreams and goals public. So if you wish to write that book, post it on your Facebook wall with dates of completion for certain chapters, publishing date, and date of book launch.

Consequences/lack of rewards:

We use this approach on our children. It works just as well on adults except we can't be our own guard with this one for as adults, we can disobey our own consequences. How's that for double standards?

Comparing yourself to others:

We often do this. We evaluate ourselves against persons who fit within our status or grouping and wonder why we are not as far ahead as we should be. While the reasons behind this goes deeper than what this article offers, the point is that the mere idea of comparison is supposed to make you feel bad about where you are and forces you to ask yourself the question - why? The answers, if you are honest, will reveal that the only difference between them and you is that the others take consistent action, believe in themselves, and are focused.

Knowing your why:

If you always wanted to write that book, you must have a reason. Is it strong enough? Clearly not, since you haven't started yet. Think of those things you actually followed through on and you will see that you were emotionally attached to that goal, hence your execution. Find a why that emotionally attaches you to writing that book or whatever your goal is and the path will be laid out before you.

Who's looking?

Everyone.You have no idea who may be looking and that's why you need to ensure that you follow through. The thing is that looking isn't limited to sight; it also applies to someone searching for what you have to offer. So it is your responsibility to get that story out of you and into the public domain. You never know who may be searching for the answers only you can provide. You may just save a life!

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