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Published:Sunday | May 29, 2016 | 12:10 AM


Every child looks forward to the sound of the bell
With the different meanings it carries,

Iit meets the needs of a anxious child

That eagerly awaits  the start of school,

Or that of an hungry child anxiously awaiting lunch,

Or  a child that is desperately longing

For the last ring for the day,

that sweetly signifies the end

of another day at school and a time to start a journey

that leads to home..

It may have been the last ring,

That was so important for those students eagerly awaiting,

The time to make it home,

As the rain came with its own meaning

Like the bell, it too was sending signals of time to go home.

Trying to get on the bus was maybe a safer place

Than school to be as it was on a path closer to home.

How disappointing it must have been

When the safety from the rain

Was aborted with  that journey home,

Despair approached and dangers lurked in the raging flood waters,

That washed viciously about,

Panic mounted but bravery would not be

Intimidated as that man tried desperately

To secure the lives of the children,

Bravery persued and rescued two

But darkness crept in and the search for one was painfully aborted.

Bravery was evident as she clung with all she had to a tree

But the water raged relentlessly

And took her breath  away still clinging to the tree.

Those acts of bravery will be remembered

Amidst the tears that came from the flood waters

And those that will flow from mourners in her community,

Sad it is that two was the number instead of three,

God have answers that we may not see
but lives were saved, and bravery prevailed

Is the best way to look at such tragedy,

Another innocent child safely in the arms of Jesus,

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

- Crishna Clarke

Mad Lyrics

Hey you pretty little thing

Mi cornmeal dumpling, mi darling

Is you mi waan fi married

Is you mi dream bout a night

Inna mi head mi an yuh jus seem right

Stop gwaan like yuh nuh hear mi

Mi kno sey yuh want mi to

Yuh a gwaan like yuh a Ms. Hotness

Mi want a wedding but mi nuh frighten fi yuh

A joke man, yuh  kno fi yuh mi is a fool

Nuh matter how mi try this feeling jus caan cool

By di way, how yuh hair so long, yesterday it did short

Nah watch that tho, yuh still have di key to mi heart

Mi like di make up but the tall nails must go

If yu a go cook fi mi, that’s a big no-no

Yuh always look good, dress up inna di latest style

Come nuh girl, stop and laugh wid mi fi a while

Please be mine

My sweet valentine

Yu know when cupid arrow di juke mi

A you mi look up and si

No other girl caan step inna yuh shoes

‘cause yu is di sistren I chose

To be with an love forever

And to yuh kids be a good father

So gi mi a chance

A chance at romance

Not because dem sey mi is a mad man

Just nuh pay no attention to how mi tan

We can live freely on the streets

Mi have enuff cardboard fi wi sheets

And wen wi fi bathe wi nuh need no shower

Wi can jus head down di road to di river

Yuh smell so nice

And mi kno that scent come at a high price

But yuh  nuh need no cologne

Fi siddung next to my throne

Mi is a king out here, a mi a di boss

Yuh mi want fi mi queen and mi want yuh at any cost

How mi doing so far, yuh like what yuh hearing

Girl yuh want a good man si one ya and mi ready fi di taking

Gi mi a vibe nuh, sey something nice to mi

Yuh is a heart breaker but mi will wait gently

Do, nuh  tek di taxi, just gi mi a ansa nuh  man

If yuh want mi will gi up di garbage an all di pots an pan

A one year now mi a look yuh an mi nah reach no wey

Mi all change mi clothes today, just fi hear what yuh wudda sey

Girl mi tired a playing dis cat and mouse game

Time fi yu stop string mi out and come tek mi name

Mi nah force yuh still,, cause mi nuh waan scare yu away

Mi waan yuh come willingly pon di side walk come stay

Look inna mi eyes, tell mi if mi a come on too strong

Duh nuh lock di taxi door, mi out ya a wait too long

Well tomaro is a new day and mi ago wait right ya so fi you

Cause mi nah stop run yu down til yuh sey 'I do'

- Addeah McDove  

Tax Cut        

From Poverty to Prosperity
The JLP campaign slogan proposed with all surety
Tax cut and increase pay
The massive were hooked
They had suffer enough calamity
But did anyone checked the feasibility in the books?
This manifesto should bring the stability they wanted
We are on the route to economic growth and prosperity,
they chanted

The PNP stood in solidity
Pondering at what they thought was the JLP political naivety
Warning about this insanity
Which certainly needed clarity
This will endanger the country's fiscal stability
It can't be done they sung
Identifying the frailties and follicles
They thought the JLP had spun
It's impossible they said it should be shun
Voters didn't care each wanted their fair share
Andrew wouldn't dare they sneered

Remember April 1, is Tom Fool's day
Some proposed to jeer
No matter what, tax cut or not
It's still JLP we will steer
Poverty to prosperity, we still have a share
We don't care!

As the time drew near
Audley was approached and the subject was broached
Time to put promises in gear
Income Tax break! tax cut! What's up?
No money in the Consolidated Fund
It seems it can't be done
None where we thought they had being
Lord, this couldn't be happening

The PNP administration were blamed for this mishap
But would the people accept that?
Speculations, doubts and uncertainties arise
Was this another election ploy? Riddled with lies?
They cried, they surmised
Angered by the fickleness of election promises
Harsh criticisms they couldn't resist
Still some said nothing was amiss

Some waited in faith, others in doubt
Trusting Audley to figure it out
But, surely there will be a slight delay
Concerning tax cuts and increase pay
With my money I hope they don't play
And this wait, won't be too long I pray.
- Winsome Miles    

I want some monies in my hand today
So I run to the shop to buy cash pot
I watch TVJ but hung my head as it is not my day
Better go to church and try to get a good spot

I give my offering this Sunday with a little fear
As tomorrow bring another set of challenges
I have to go to work on Monday and no bus fare
I read my Bible and ask God to send some change

I open my Bible to Deuteronomy and read Chapter 8
And see that it is he that giveth us the power to get wealth
I trust him and get down on my knees to pray
And then I truly know that I will have health

     Deuteronomy 8:18

- Hortense Francis