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POEM OF THE WEEK:The preacher's stance

Published:Sunday | July 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Today, on this pulpit, I'm sad

Sad, sick, and sorry, to be a man.

So many of us have changed our stance

We are wearing our brains inside our pants!

We are wearing our hearts inside our pants!

It has become an incessant nuisance

The toy within our pants!

I stand on this pulpit enraged!



Because I cannot fathom how a man

Could force himself upon an old woman

Could break through her window

And savagely prick into a woman who is a hundred and six!

I am vexed, perplexed and deeply ashamed

Because, some from among us have gone insane!

Some have become like walking drills

Boring into any and everything!

Innocent babes are not as safe anymore!

Young girls and boys are not safe anymore.

Those on the streets are not safe anymore.

Poor old women are not safe anymore.

Dogs and cats are not safe anymore!

Our livestock

Those are not safe anymore.

There is a scourge upon our land and

It makes me ashamed, to be a man!

You have prayed and I have prayed

Yet this has not stopped the 'Drillers'.

Some people think we should amputate!

But then, we could end up as killers.

I speak now as preacher, instead of a man

Intent on maiming those clowns.

Nature will grow all the seeds that they sow

Since what goes around comes around.

At this point, Church, I must seek repose.

I must calm my spirit through song.

Please open your hymnals and let us sing

The hymn on page number one!

[ITALICS] Put the rapist's weapon in the Great One's hands

Let it be rendered an IMPOTENT ROD!

And tomorrow when the rapist changes mind

The resurrected rod will pay him in kind.


- Erica Brown Marriott


Family Feud

Harsh, hateful words of resentment,

Cruelty shouted to each other in argument.

Not among strangers nor friends

But among family members;

Embroiled in friction and discontent.

To each, in anger they vent.

No love, compassion, nor admiration,

For each other shown.

No regard, no respect known,

But in each bitterness is grown.

Caused by jealousy, envy and spite;

Fostering malic, greed and dislike.

From these, there must be a respite.

On negatively, do they really have time to spend?

When they should garner kindness, patience

And thoughtfulness to supplement

This family feud must end!

Forget about confrontations,

Embarrassment and disagreements.

Betrayal and abandonment reject.

Grasp instead positivity;

On the wonderful memories reflect.

In humility relent, indignation prevent and

Embrace affection, gentleness for complete contentment.

- Winsome Miles